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Cleaning Solution For PCB And SMT Stencil

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Cleaning Solution For PCB And SMT Stencil
▶The cleaning tank, the original tank, and the spray tank are designed with liquid level sensor overflow alarm.
▶The opening of the front door is designed with photoelectric sensor protection. When the equipment is cleaning, if the front door is not closed, the cleaning will stop to prevent liquid or water from spraying out.
▶The air source, DI water inlet, and heating system all have PLC monitoring and alarm systems, and double protection is designed to ensure that any failure will not damage the equipment.
▶The main parts are imported parts and well-known brands in the industry, such as pumps from Ingersoll Rand, CKD solenoid valves, Panasonic PLC, German rails.
▶The operating mechanism adopts the cleaning object to be thrown up and down on the screen, imported guide rail + stepping drive, and the spray arm and air knife are fixed.

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