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Stencil Cleaning System|Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

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Stencil Cleaning System|Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner


▶All stainless steel body: beautiful, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, acid, alkaline and other cleaning fluid. Meet environmental protection requirements and standards.
▶Full pneumatic operation, no electricity, no fire and other safety hazards, has passed the European Union safety regulations certification.
▶Specially used for cleaning printing ink, glue, paddle material, etc.
▶Cleaning + rinsing process to ensure cleanliness, liquid pressure can be shown by the panel pressure gauge.
▶The cleaning surface is large, suitable for 47 *47 net plate placement.
▶Cleaning pressure can be adjusted independently, suitable for any material screen.
▶Unique S-type exhaust device design, lower liquid consumption.
▶Equipment adopts precision six 100um- 10um filtration system, solvent circulation use.
▶Humanized design: one-button operation and automatic adding and draining function, the operation is very simple.
▶System integration of global high-quality devices: to ensure good quality, stable performance, long service life.
▶Configuration of an authoritarian professional air gun, increase humanized design manual drying and other functions.
▶Equipped with 2 80L solution cleaning tank, solution cleaning tank with filter ink removable filter screen, easy maintenance.

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