Automatic PCB Magazine Loader
Automatic PCB Magazine Loader
  • Automatic PCB Magazine Loader
  • Automatic PCB Magazine Loader
  • Automatic PCB Magazine Loader
  • Automatic PCB Magazine Loader
  • Automatic PCB Magazine Loader

Automatic PCB Magazine Loader

Firm structure
User friendly'soft touch' LED membrance control panel/ touch screen
Dual clamps to secure magazine rack.
Empty PCB detection.
Automatical fault diagnosing.
Wear-resistant cable and have long service life

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Product Details
Automatic PCB Magazine Loader

SMT automatic production line feeding board use, do not need to touch PCB board with hand, better protect PCB board. And can set the number of lifting and descending, the machine has high lifting accuracy, automatic material in and out of the frame, fault (sound, color) alarm function, is to achieve the automation of the whole line and high output of the necessary equipment.

* The lifting power uses gear reduction brake motor.
* Lifting drive uses 30MM hard shaft guide rail, with precision ball screw drive.
* The conveying track uses special profiles with anti-collision stainless steel shaft.

* With easy operation of the touch screen control interface.
* Equipment status indicator: three-color towerlight with buzzer + touch screen alarm code display.
* OMRON sensors for induction.
* Install anti-splint inductor at the exit to protect the PCB from being fully pushed up and down.

* The upper and lower pneumatic clamp can ensure the accurate position of the material frame.
* Pushing plate cylinder uses rod cylinder to push PCB out of magazine.
* The thrust of the push plate cylinder can be adjusted according to the need to prevent excessive thrust from damaging PCB board.
* The shell of the equipment adopts electrostatic powder spraying, the surface is durable.
Technical parameters
•Description:This unit is used for loading and unloading of PCBs
•No.of magazine: Upper Conveyor: magazine lower conveyor:2 magazine
•PCB feeder time: Approx.6seconds or specify
•Magazine: Approx.30 seconds or specify
•Indexing pitch:10/20/30/40mm or specify
•Power supply: AC110 volts or 220 volts,50/60Hz;single phase
•Air prssure and Airconsumption:4-6bar,10L/min max
•Transport height:900±20mm(or customer specified)
•Transport direction:From left to right or right to left

                      Description                  Model Dimension(L*W*H,mm)               PCB size Weight(kg)
Standded Magazine loader         LD-M-BN          50*50-330*250          355*320*563          140
        LD-L-BN          50*50-445*330          460*400*563          200
        LD-LL-BN          50*50-530*390            535*460*563          240
        LD-XL-BN          50*50-530*460          535*530*563          300

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