Solder paste printer GKG G-TITAN
Solder paste printer GKG G-TITAN
  • Solder paste printer GKG G-TITAN

Solder paste printer GKG G-TITAN

As the trade is getting more and more involved in Industry 4.0, it is understood that customers are also expecting to transform their operations, yielding higher productivity and competitiveness. Strategically armed with OPC (Optimum-Paste Control), G-Titan makes your journey towards Lights-out manufacturing a seamless one.

Complemented with QPC (Quality-Print Control), G-Titan stands firmly with the belief that nothing is more important than a good print. These revolutionary changes of the fundamental aspects of SMT printer, will bring about a kind of efficiency that you’ve never had.

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Product Details
Solder paste printer GKG G-TITAN

Auto Paste Dispensing

The paste is automatically dispensed across the entire squeegee length, maintaining at 15mm rolling diameter, adopting the common 500 grams’ solder paste jar. Completely eliminates the wastage of solder paste overflowing to the sides of squeegee.

Paste Rolling Diameter Monitoring System
Tracing solder paste rolling diameter in real time and trigger the auto dispensing if it falls below 10mm. Completely eliminate insufficient solder paste on stencil and keep the paste rolling speed within optimum range to achieve best printing result with this smt printer.

OPC Squeegee
Retainers at both sides can be adjusted to the exact length of the PCB, enabling solder paste to be retained within the PCB length to obtain a clean sweep. Possess absolute control over desired printing area, to achieve best printing quality using this smt printer.



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