VCTA-S820 Standard Online AOI
VCTA-S820 Standard Online AOI
  • VCTA-S820 Standard Online AOI

VCTA-S820 Standard Online AOI

Flexible/multi-purpose AOI.
Vector analysis algorithm to achieve the best detection capability.
German brand 5 million pixel industrial camera.
The whole board is matched with multiple detection functions at any position.
Only one operator is required for multiple devices.

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Product Details
VCTA-S820 Standard Online AOI
Flexible/multi-purpose AOI
Different models are suitable for multiple quality control positions on the production line, including 2D after solder paste printing
Solder paste quality inspection, component measurement before reflow soldering, process quality inspection of PCBA after reflow soldering, and inspection after wave soldering of hand plugs

Full vector algorithm, fusion logic operation, bilateral brightness boundary distance, component body tracking, OCR/OCV, brightness template matching, color distance, color extraction (RGB & HSV), brightness range, brightness deviation, minimum brightness change span, etc. 30 A variety of advanced detection algorithms.

Germany imported 5 million pixel industrial camera
Equipment for detecting common defects encountered in welding production based on optical principles

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