How much do you know about SMT glue

How much do you know about SMT glue

How much do you know about SMT glue
SMT red glue is an adhesive used to fix SMD electronic components on PCB. It is a heat-cured one-component epoxy resin system. Thermal shock, long shelf life and other characteristics.

The red glue SZL-828H produced by Shuang Chile Company can adapt to the requirements of production processes such as copper mesh, plastic mesh, double-process AI, multiple lead-free wave soldering, etc., and maintain a very low part drop rate within a wide working environment temperature .

SMT red glue SZL-828H has the following excellent features:

1. Good sizing performance: SZL-828H red glue can quickly sizing operations in various printing screens and dual-process processes,

No wire drawing, no missing glue spots, no mesh hole blocking and good thixotropy, no component deviation and no flying parts during high-speed placement operations, which can improve the quality and efficiency of component placement.

2. Extremely fast heating and curing: heating and curing (150°C) is fast, which protects heat-sensitive components and improves the efficiency of PCB passing through the furnace.

3. Strong adhesive force: stable high adhesive force can be obtained for various SMD components, ensuring no missing parts during operation and transportation, and saving production materials and labor costs.

4. Thermal shock resistance of high temperature solder: The PCB cured with SZL-828H red glue can pass through the high temperature operation of wave soldering and soldering furnace many times, and keep the components (IC, glass devices, etc.) fixed on the PCB, and the drop rate Extremely low, reducing component loss during production.

5. Long storage period: under the production environment of 22°C-28°C, the shelf life of SZL-828H red glue is 48 hours.

Stored in an environment less than 6°C, the normal shelf life is 8 months. It can adapt to a large number of uninterrupted production operations.

How to use SMT red glue SZL-828H: The principle of first-in first-out is adopted when using. SZL-828H red glue must be taken out 2-3 hours in advance before use, and it should be thawed at room temperature in a sealed state, and cannot be heated back to temperature. SZL-828H red glue is suitable for use at room temperature of 22°C-28°C. Do not add any solvent during use. The remaining red glue after use should be recovered in a sealed container in time and stored at a temperature lower than 6°C. . Red gum left after use and unused red gum cannot be mixed for storage