MD-200 BGA rework station

Features ▶DH-200 is a mobile platform dedicated to BGA maintenance. ▶The top is heated by hot air, the bottom is heated by the original diode, and the heating area is equipped with a glass shield. The top can be moved

MD-A4D BGA rework station

Features ▶Adopt high-definition touch screen, drawer design, PLC control, automatic positioning, welding and desoldering integration. HD CCD monitoring. With multiple functions: "Maintain the same temperature"

MD-5830 BGA rework station

Features ▶Upper heater can be moved up and down, front/rear, free rotation. ▶Lower heater can be moved up/down to maintain optimal distance from PCB. ▶The thermometer has a strong sense, and the temperature measuremen

Fully-auto BGA rework station MD-A2E

Features ▶Embedded industrial PC, three independent heating zones, Panasonic CCD camera system, high-definition touch screen dialogue interface, PLC control, multi-function integrated control, folding optical lens, can