MD-200 BGA rework station

Features ▶MD-200 is a mobile platform dedicated to BGA maintenance. ▶The top is heated by hot air, the bottom is heated by the original diode, and the heating area is equipped with a glass shield. The top can be moved

MD-A4D BGA rework station

Features ▶Adopt high-definition touch screen, drawer design, PLC control, automatic positioning, welding and desoldering integration. HD CCD monitoring. With multiple functions: "Maintain the same temperature"

MD-5830 BGA rework station

Features ▶Upper heater can be moved up and down, front/rear, free rotation. ▶Lower heater can be moved up/down to maintain optimal distance from PCB. ▶The thermometer has a strong sense, and the temperature measuremen

Fully-auto BGA rework station ZMW-750

Features ▶    Touch screen with human interface,heating time,heating temperature,reflow temperature rate,advanced alarming,vacuum time all can set inside the touch screen,simple operation,easy learn. ▶&n

Fully computer controlled BGA rework station ZMW-900

ZMW-900 is a small but large (small but repairable 750mmX620mm largeboard) with optical alignment system, using infrared and gas (includingnitrogen or compressed air) mixed heating, all actions are driven by motor,softwa

Large automatic BGA rework station ZMW-1250

ZMW-1250 is a super large high-end optical alignment predsion rework station,suitable for 5G server and large server motherboard rework.

Optical alignment automatic repair equipment ZMW-850

Excellent performance feature 1.Multi-language menu interface. 2.Automatic feeding device. 3.X/Y axis can be controlled by rocker,fast operation. 4.Inproted high-definition CCD(2 millon pixeis) optical alignment syst