Large automatic BGA rework station ZMW-1250
Large automatic BGA rework station ZMW-1250
  • Large automatic BGA rework station ZMW-1250

Large automatic BGA rework station ZMW-1250

ZMW-1250 is a super large high-end optical alignment predsion rework station,suitable for 5G server and large server motherboard rework.

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Product Details
Large automatic BGA rework station ZMW-1250

Industrial PCL and precise temperature servo motion control system , real-time temperaturecurve display, can display the sot curve and measured curve, can analyze the temperaturecurve; And the temperature curve is automatically saved, convenient to retrieve the historicaparamaters to trace the abnomal quality, with over--temperature protection and alarm can be encrypted and antistay function.

Iindustrial control integrated computer and PLC control; Embedded industrial control computer.high-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control,up and down independenttemperature measurement, temperature accuracy up to 士 1 degree.

Equipped with 13 pcs temperaturemeasuring interfaces, and the interior adoptshigh-precision K-type themmocouple withthe accuracy up to t1C,meanwhileconnected with oxygen heating to protectPCBA to avoid oxidation and yellowing. theflow rate and negative pressure can beadjusted accurately.

High-definition imported CCD (8 million pixels) optical alignent system, automalic operation function, 22 times optical zoom, thrgugh PCL contro seno sgxrautomatic optical lens alignment movement , use 21.5 display screen deplay and coertminterface, alignment function and operating system do not intertere wilth each other, ees operate.
power supply Ac220v±10%,50/60hz
Total power 10400W
Heater power The upper hot air is heated, up to 1200W
  Lower hot air heating, maximum 1200W
  Bottom IR preheating, max 8000W
PCB positioning method V-shaped card slot + universal clamp
Temperature control method High-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control, independent temperature measurement up and down, temperature accuracy up to ±1 degrees;
Electrical material selection Touch screen industrial control all-in-one computer + temperature control module + PLC + servo drive
Suitable PCB size Max1200×700mm Min 10×10mm
Applicable chip size  Max120×120mm Min 0.6×0.6mm
Suitable for PCB thickness 0.3-8mm

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