SMT Insertion machine JUKI Multi task Platform JM-100

Features ▶Best in class speed. ▶Component insertion time down to 0.6 seconds for vacuum nozzle and 0.8 seconds for gripper nozzle. ▶New “Takumi head” with multiple recognition heights ▶Component Feeding

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine CMO-2FC-W

Our experienced technical team has developed feeders and nozzles suitable for various special-shaped parts to meet the needs of various scenarios. Suitable for handling various connectors, switch buttons, transformers, p

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine CMO-3C

CMO-3C (high-speed, universal plug-in machine) is equipped with 6 plug-in heads as standard, which can supply materials at the front and rear ends, and easily correspond to the plug-in of various types of components.

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine CMO-3S

CMO-3S (high-speed, fully automatic special-shaped plug-in machine plug-in machine) is equipped with 6 plug-in heads as standard, and the front and rear ends are supplied with materials, which can easily correspond to th

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine CMO-2FS

CMO-2FS is anequipment of modularized design incorporated with odd compents,by integrating SMT into AI,it is able to achieve auto-inserting of all oddcomponents at high speed,adaptable to different connectors,inserting,t

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine CME-2

CME-2 (high-speed, economical plug-in machine) is equipped with 2 plug-in heads as standard, only front-end feeding, adopts intermediate drive mode, improves plug-in efficiency, and corresponds to the plug-in of multiple

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine CME-1

CME-1 is for small batch,multi species development of a model, when the replacement of products, many materials are not sure, we can import for common parts easily, simple operation,low input, high returns.

JUKI JM 50 Insertion Solution THT

Ideal for high-mix low-volume JUKI’sentrance model JM-50 is the cheapest version of our THT machines. Anyhow, it is packed with great features. New flexible feeders increase the component range to be handled at

FUJI sFAB-D odd-form parts inserter

Generally, odd-form parts are inserted by hand because there are issues concerning what packaging to use and limitations on the part size that can be handled using SMT machines. However, there are problems in which manua