JUKI Multi task Platform JM-100

Features ▶Best in class speed. ▶Component insertion time down to 0.6 seconds for vacuum nozzle and 0.8 seconds for gripper nozzle. ▶New “Takumi head” with multiple recognition heights ▶Component Feeding

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine OIM-2FC-W

Our experienced technical team has developed feeders and nozzles suitable for various special-shaped parts to meet the needs of various scenarios. Suitable for handling various connectors, switch buttons, transformers, p

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine OIM-3C

OIM-3C (high-speed, universal plug-in machine) is equipped with 6 plug-in heads as standard, which can supply materials at the front and rear ends, and easily correspond to the plug-in of various types of components.

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine OIM-3S

OIM-3S (high-speed, fully automatic special-shaped plug-in machine plug-in machine) is equipped with 6 plug-in heads as standard, and the front and rear ends are supplied with materials, which can easily correspond to th

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine OIM-2FS

 OIM-2FS is anequipment of modularized design incorporated with odd compents,by integrating SMT into AI,it is able to achieve auto-inserting of all oddcomponents at high speed,adaptable to different connectors,inser

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine EIM-2

EIM-2 (high-speed, economical plug-in machine) is equipped with 2 plug-in heads as standard, only front-end feeding, adopts intermediate drive mode, improves plug-in efficiency, and corresponds to the plug-in of multiple

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine EIM-1

EIM-1 is for small batch,multi species development of a model, when the replacement of products, many materials are not sure, we can import for common parts easily, simple operation,low input, high returns.