Solder paste printer HMS450
Solder paste printer HMS450
  • Solder paste printer HMS450

Solder paste printer HMS450

Easy to learn and use High precision and high stability

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Product Details
Solder paste printer HMS450
PCB paramete
Maximum board size(X x Y) 450mm x 350mm
Minimum board size(X x Y) 50mm x 50mm
PCB thickness 0.4mm~6mm
Warpage ≤1%Diagonal
Maximum board weight 6Kg
Board margin gap Configuration to 3mm
Maximum bottom clearance 20mm
Transport speed 1500mm/s(Max)
Transport height from the ground 900±40mm
Transport direction L-R,R-L,L-L,R-R
Transport mode One stage conveyor
PCB clamping system Software adjustable(Option:Partial Vacuum Cavity / Whole Vacuum Cavity/PCB Edge)
Support system Magnetic Pin/Support Blocks,etc.
Printing parameters
Printing head Linear motor d。sed loop printing head
Stencil size 370mm x 470mm-737 mm x 737 mm
Maximum printing area(X x Y) 450mm x 350mm
Squeegee type Steel/rubber Squeegee(Angel 45°/50°/60° matching the printing process)
Squeegee length 220mm-500mm
Squeegee height 65±1mm
Squeegee thickness 0.25mm diamond-like carbon    Coating
Printing mode Single or double printing
Demoulding length 0.02 mm - 12 mm
Printing speed 0 ~ 200 mm/s
Printing pressure 0.5kg - 10Kg
Printing stroke ±200 mm (From the center)
Image parameters
(FOV)     Field of view 8mm x 6 mm
Platform adjustment range X,Y:±7.0mm,θ:±2.0°
Mark type Standard shape benchmark point(SMEMA standard),solder pad/openings
Camera system Independent camera,upwards/downwards imaging vision system,geometric matching location
Performance parameters
Repeat position accuracy ±10.0μm @6 σ,Cpk ≥ 2.0
Repetition accuracy ±25.0μm @6 σ,Cpk ≥ 2.0
Cycle time <7s
Product change over <5min
Power requirements AC220V±10%,50/60HZ,15A
Compressed air requirements 4~6Kg/cm² Diameter of the tube
Operating system Win 7
External dimension 1140mm(L) x 1415mm(W) x 1480mm(H) (Without light,monitor and keyboard)
Machine weight Appro.1000Kg
Temperature and humidity control module(optional)
Environment Temperature 23±3℃
Relative humidity 45~70%RH4

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