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With more than 15 years of experience in the SMT industry, Morel knows the needs of SMT customers. We listen carefully and continue to develop automation equipment suitable for the SMT industry.
Where there is a need for automation, Morel will be there to help. Morel, where you can find more and better solutions.

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We believe one Deal only ends with customer satisfaction! Morel engineer team is on standby for onsite installations, training, and problem shooting, furthermore, you can enjoy our 7*24H remote engineer support.



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Nordson Electronics Solutions Ships First SELECT Unit from New Global Manufacturing Facility

Carlsbad, CA, USA  – Nordson Electronics Solutions, a division of Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ:NDSN), a global leader in selective soldering systems, is pleased to announce the first SELECT unit shipp

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EMS Industry Is Picking Up Again

North American EMS Industry up 10.5 Percent in April IPC Releases EMS Industry Results for April 2021 May 27, 2021 IPC announced today the April 2021 findings from its North American Electronics Manufacturing S

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Electronics Assembly Industry News

Global Economic Recovery is Picking Up Speed, but Risks Remain IPC Releases April 2021 Economic Report Apr 28, 2021 The global economic recovery is picking up speed, but there remain risks. The global economy should

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Morel will launch a new product to SMT customers in May 2023: HMH-830

Morel will launch a new product to SMT customers in May 2023: HMH-830 coating machine, this equipment can accurately realize various circuit board spraying processes through X, Y and Z axis movements, and can realize spo

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2023 SMT open automation

In 2023, the SMTmachine industry will be more focused: SMT open automation In SMT production, in order to improve productivity and production quality, several issues that need to be deeply understood: Why automate? Ho

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Welcome back

elcome back! The sunny spring of 2023 is quietly waiting for the wonderful arrival. Morel has cooperative partners in various countries around the world. Both smt spare parts and smt equipments are products we provid

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In May, labor built friendship with each other

In May, labor built friendship with each other The hope in May is lofty, it establishes the beginning of the year, the spring flowers and autumn fruits are the true portrayal of May, the red May is intoxicating, it is b

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Soldering tools-Reflow oven is packaged and shipped

Soldering tools-Reflow oven is packaged and shipped In March 2023, full of sunshine, the SMT industry has started a new journey, and the factory is replacing the old SMT equipment.Solder tools is an inseparable equipm

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Soldring machine on-site acceptance before shipment

Soldring machine on-site acceptance before shipment Today we are back to the SMT oven equipment production factory, which is our professional reflow oven and wave soldering machine production factory. This is a park-lik

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FUJI Mounter NXT IIIC M6 ready to ship

FUJI NXTIII M6 ready to ship The pick and place machine is ready today and is preparing for the final acceptance process. This is a 2020 machine. The appearance and internal accessories are very new placement machines.

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Morel splicer workshop

It's a beautiful month of May, and everything seems very busy. We are in the production workshop of the Morel material splicer. It is very quiet here, but it is also extremely busy. A large ceiling fan on the top of

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