Semi-automatic solder paste printer ZM-P618
Semi-automatic solder paste printer ZM-P618
  • Semi-automatic solder paste printer ZM-P618

Semi-automatic solder paste printer ZM-P618

High precision semi-automatic solder paste printing machine

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Product Details
Semi-automatic solder paste printer ZM-P618
1.Use the servo system for convenient and accurate positioning.
2. It adopts original high-speed guide rail and Korean SPG imported frequency conversion motor to drive the scraper holder to ensure printing accuracy.
3.The printing scraper can be fixed by rotating 45 degrees upwards, which is convenient for cleaning and replacing the printing screen and scraper.
4.The doctoring holder can be adjusted back and forth to select the appropriate printing position.
5.The combined printing table has a fixed groove and PIN, easy installation and adjustment, and is suitable for single- and double-sided printing.
6.The proofreading method adopts stencil movement and combines the X, Y, and Z of printing (PCB). Calibration fine-tuning is quick and easy.
7.It adopts 4.3-inch SamDraw true color touch screen + SIEMEN S7-200 PLC man-machine interface control, which is simple, convenient and more suitable for man-machine dialogue.
8.Can be set unidirectional and bidirectional, a variety of printing methods.
9.With automatic counting function, convenient for the statistics of production output.
10.The angle of the scraper is adjustable, and the steel spatula and rubber spatula are suitable.
11.The man-machine interface has a screensaver function to protect the service life of the human-machine interface.
12.With a unique programming design, the printed scraper holder is easy to adjust.
13.The speed of the printing machine is displayed by the man-machine interface, and the control can be adjusted and controlled digitally.
Model ZM-P618
Printing table area 320×450mm
Frame size 370×470mm、420×520mm、550×650mm
Substrate size 300×430mm
Substrate thickness 0.2-2.2mm
Fixing of the printing position PCB Outer Or Pin Positioning
Platen fine-tuning Front/Back±10mm  R/L±10mm
Print accuracy ±0.02mm
Machine repeatability ±0.05mm

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