SMT Automatic Optical Inspection Machine ZMA410

Feature ▶Economical and practical AOI. ▶High precision detection platform design. ▶Fast programming debugging integration. ▶Automatic recognize the Tip and Bottom side. ▶Professional SPC system.  

ZMD820 Standard Online AOI Inspection solution

Feature ▶Flexible/multi-purpose AOI. ▶Vector analysis algorithm to achieve the best detection capability. ▶German brand 5 million pixel industrial camera. ▶The whole board is matched with multiple detection functions

Online SMT THT DIP AOI Machine AIS50X

Principle Photograph the same board on the move with the upper and lower high precision cameras. Process image with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithm. Intelligently judge defects of components and soldering.

SMT Automatic Optical Inspection Machine ZMV-Z5P

Features ▶Multi-algorithms and techniques. ▶Simultaneous inspection for multi-boards and inspection shift of 2 sides ofboard (components top and bottom) improves the inspection efficiency. ▶Smart camera barcodes ident

AOI Automated Optical Inspection HMA

AOI Automated Optical Inspection HMA High efficiency: one maintenance workstation confirms the detection data of multiple online machines, realizing fully automated process control.