Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-1000D
Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-1000D
  • Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-1000D
  • Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-1000D
  • Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-1000D
  • Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-1000D
  • Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-1000D

Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-1000D

Product features:
▶fully meet all kinds of lead-free welding process requirements.
▶WindowsXP operating system, English and Chinese interface, easy to learn operation; Standard air furnace, patented hot air system, using hot air convection conduction more efficient, faster heat compensation.
▶PLC+PLD closed loop control, stable and reliable performance, high temperature control and curve repetition accuracy.
▶Dual temperature sensor, dual safety control mode, abnormal speed alarm, drop board alarm; Full modular design, faster maintenance, reduce maintenance time and cost.
▶Guide rail adopts special hardening treatment, strong and durable.
▶The regulating wheel adopts single chain to adjust the sequence, simple and practical.
▶Temperature patrol instrument monitors the temperature of each temperature zone at any time, ultra-high temperature protection, automatically cut off the heating power supply, nitrogen quantitative control in the    whole process, each temperature zone independent closed-loop control, can make nitrogen concentration range of 5-200ppm. Double track double speed, single cost, double capacity, energy saving up to 65%.

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Product Details
Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-1000D

What is SMT reflow oven?
In SMT reflow systems the heat tranfer takes place by full convection. Heated process gas (air, nitrogen) is guided on the products by nozzle plates. The resulting temperature profile has to be conform with guidelines of component and solder paste manufacturer.

The reflow soldering equipment is divided into:
transmission part/heating and welding area/vacuum unit/cooling area and recovery system

1. Transmission part

This structure runs through the whole equipment and is divided into three sections: heating area, vacuum unit and stuffy donkey section. The transport speed of each section is adjusted independently and the width is adjusted as a whole to play the role of transporting PCB board

2. Heating and welding area
The temperature of each temperature zone can be adjusted separately to ensure a flexible temperature curve and stable welding process to meet the requirements of lead-free welding process. During this process, the PCB can meet the requirements of the customer's welding process, which is the same as the standard additional flow welding process.

3. Vacuum unit
At this time, the solder joint of PCB board is in the molten state. The vacuum process is started to make the vacuum pressure as low as 100mbar-10mbar. The internal gas such as pores and cavities can overflow from the solder joint with dynamic melting, and the void rate can be reduced to less than 2%.

4. Cooling area
PCB board from the vacuum unit directly into the cooling area, similar to the standard reflow welding cooling function, meet a certain cooling rate and reduce the temperature of the plate, into the next process, at this time the welding process is completed.

5. Rosin recovery system
With the same function as standard reflow soldering, the rosin is recycled into the specific structure through cooling, regular maintenance, reducing equipment maintenance and environmental pollution.

model XMR-800D XMR-1000D  
Dimention 5378x1539x1490mm 6160x1539x1490mm
Heating zones quantity UP/DOWN8 UP/DOWN10
Heating zone length 3110mm 3892mm
Cooling zones quantity UP 2 zones( Cold air internal circulation )
Exhaust air volume requirements 10/minx2
Electricity supply 3phase,380V 50/60Hz(Option:3phase,220v50/60Hz
Total power 70KW 86KW
Start power 32KW 38KW
Normal power 11KW 12KW
Heating up time Approx:35min
Temperature control mode PID Closed-loop control+SRS driver(PC+PLC control)
Temperature control accuracy +1 Degree
Maximum PCB width 400mm-450mm
Parts are highly PCB Board up30mm/down25mm
Transport direction L-R or R-L
Conveying method Chain + network: chain + central support; Only chain 
Conveyance belt height 900+ 20mm
Transportation speed 300-2000mm/min
Cooling way Forced air cooling, chillers cooling
  2645kg 3050kg
Fixed mode of transport guide rail Fixed mode of transport guide rail
Double rail transport 13 or 14fixed,MAX PCB size 250x250mm

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