Fully automatic online PCBA cleaning machine-SMS-6300
Fully automatic online PCBA cleaning machine-SMS-6300
  • Fully automatic online PCBA cleaning machine-SMS-6300

Fully automatic online PCBA cleaning machine-SMS-6300

SMS6300 is an online, integrated, fully automatic PCBA cleaning machine, used for rosin flux, no-cleaning flux, water-soluble flux, solder paste and other organic and inorganic pollution remaining on the PCBA surface after SMT patch and THT plug-in process welding Online cleaning of objects. Widely used in automotive electronics, military industry, aviation, aerospace, medical, LED, smart instruments and other industries, suitable for centralized cleaning of large quantities of PCBA.

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Product Details
Fully automatic online PCBA cleaning machine-SMS-6300
1. On-line, large-volume PCBA cleaning system.
2. Large-flow cleaning method can effectively remove organic and inorganic pollutants such as PCBA pads and flux on the product surface.
3. Pre-cleaning, cleaning, chemical isolation, pre-rinsing, rinsing, final spray rinsing, wind cutting, and infrared hot air drying processes are completed in sequence.
4. The cleaning liquid is automatically added and discharged; the DI water is automatically replenished by overflowing from the rear to the front to update the DI water.
5. Up and down spray cleaning method, cleaning liquid, DI water pressure can be adjusted.
6. The large flow rate of chemical liquid and high pressure cleaning method can completely penetrate into the gap at the bottom of BGA and CSP, and clean thoroughly.
7. Multiple spray rods and multiple nozzle configurations are suitable for different micro-pitch and high-precision PCBA cleaning.
8. Equipped with PH value detection and resistivity monitoring system to detect the quality of cleaning solution and rinsing water in real time.
9. Air knife wind cutting + ultra-long infrared hot air circulation drying system.
10. PLC control system, Chinese/English operation interface, the program is easy to set, change, store and call.
11. SUS304 stainless steel body, pipes and parts, durable, resistant to acid, alkali and other cleaning fluids.
12. Cleaning solution concentration detection is optional.
Project SMS-6300
Transmission network bandwidth width 500mm
Belt transfer speed 100-150cm/min
Belt conveyor height 900+50mm
PCBA transfer direction From left to right
PCBA maximum width 500mm
PCBA maximum height 100mm
Wash tank capacity 120L
Rinse tank capacity 60L
Cleaning solution heating RT~80°C
Rinse water to heat RT~60°C
Dry and heat RT~100°C
DI water usage 400~800L/H
Exhaust volume 36m3/H
Control mode PLC
Power/air supply 380VAC,3P50/60HZ,110KW/0.5Mpa,200L/Min
Resistivity test range 0~18MΩ
Machine size L5200*W1650*H1650 mm
Machine weight 3000KG

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