Fuji NXT M3 M3II M3III MIIIC  modules unit
Fuji NXT M3 M3II M3III MIIIC  modules unit
  • Fuji NXT M3 M3II M3III MIIIC  modules unit

Fuji NXT M3 M3II M3III MIIIC modules unit

Like its predecessors, the FUJI NXT III has a variety of reconfigurable options including numerous types of positioning heads, various types of canister, pallet and belt feeders.
Thanks to the possibility of a free choice of different types of installation modules and heads FUJI NXT III , users can create a machine configuration that is optimal for any type of product and production program.

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Fuji NXT M3 M3II M3III MIIIC  modules unit 

With the NXT III/IIIc, Fuji developed the 3rd generation of the highly successful NXT series, with more than 66,000 installed modules worldwide.

For multi functional and high-performance electronics, such as in mobile phones and automotive applications, both the number of components to be assembled, as well as the possible functionalities further increased. Accordingly, the assembly density of tiny components increases sharply. On the other hand, requirements such as the assembly of shielding plates, components with a very small grid connection and components of package-on-package applications show the requirements for the functionality of assembly machines are becoming more and more demanding year after year.

The NXT III/IIIc has been designed as a scalable placement platform that delivers both high productivity and quality, which also meets the needs of future generations of components (such as 03015).

In addition, it ensures high compatibility with its predecessor NXT II. Many existing machine elements, such as placement heads, tray and feeder units, can be used even on the NXT III/IIIc.

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