SMT Dual rail unloader BH-M-N
SMT Dual rail unloader BH-M-N
  • SMT Dual rail unloader BH-M-N

SMT Dual rail unloader BH-M-N

▶ Sturdy structure.
▶ Easy-to-operate LED membrane switch or touch screen two control panels are available.
▶ The upper and lower pneumatic clamps can ensure the accurate position of the material box.
▶ The special air circuit design ensures that the PCB board will not be damaged.
▶ Automatic detection of fault code display function.
▶ The use of wear-resistant cables has a longer life.
▶ Compatible with SMEMA interface.

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Product Details

SMT Dual rail unloader BH-M-N

The dual rail unloader is used at the end of the double-track SMT production line. By receiving the signal from the upper machine, it automatically pushes the PCB into the magazine rack for storage, realizes the automatic board receiving function, and effectively saves manpower.The machine is composed of three parts: lifting + basket standby track + feeding plate push plate track.

Technical parameters
Description This unit is used for loading operation of double-side boards and transceiver board
No.of magazine Upper Conveyor:1 magazine lower conveyor:1 magazine
Indexing pitch Approx:30 seconds or specify
Cycle time or specify
Power supply AC 110 volts or 220 volts; single phase
Power  Max 300 VA
Air pressure Air consumption 4-6bar /10ltr/minute max
Transport height 900±20mm(or customer specified)
Transport direction From left to righ or right to left

Model  Dimension(LXWXH mm) PCB size (MM) Rack size (LXWXH mm) Weight(KG)
BH-M-N 1800*1435*1250 50*50-330*250 355*320*563 320
BH-L-N 2065*1690*1250 50*50*445*330 460*400*563 350
BH-LL-N 2330*1810*1250 50*50-530*390 535*400*563 380
BH-XL-N 2330*1950*1250 50*50-530-460 535*530*563 410

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