Automatic Soldering robot DMHX300X
Automatic Soldering robot DMHX300X
  • Automatic Soldering robot DMHX300X

Automatic Soldering robot DMHX300X

Five-axis automatic soldering machine, double-head single-station, double-head synchronous work, double efficiency, double production capacity;
Meet the production requirements of spot welding, drag welding and so on;
Programming has the function of copying, which can improve the programming efficiency several times;
Can store 999 groups of programming files, production of different products easily switch with one click, no need to program again;
The equipment platform size can be customized according to customer needs.

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Product Details
Automatic Soldering robot DMHX300X

What a automatic glue dispenser do for you?
Adhesive dispensing equipment is used for the controlled dispensation of adhesives and/or silicones. These devices include manual dispensing caulk guns, hot melt glue guns, and an assortment of mix / meter and dispensing systems.

Performance description:

1. The single-point programming mode can directly input the welding coordinates, and the equipment programming work program can be copied point-to-point and block-to-block, which shortens the programming time, and is easy to learn. The track welding point can be modified globally.
2. Simple operation of the teaching box, can edit continuous and rapid spot welding, and guide the end of the movement to reach the welding spot position. Set the product replacement interval, realize the cycle welding scheme, and improve the operation efficiency.
3. The equipment can store 999 operating procedures, and the same machine can process 999 different products.
4. The parameters between solder joints can be flexibly exchanged, automatic calculation of compensation points, with rotation correction function, optimization function, misoperation correction function, import solder parameter module, the speed of each point can be debugged and set independently, and the file name can be adjusted. Enter Chinese, English and numbers.
5. Flexible and diverse soldering methods, while supporting spot welding, drag welding and continuous welding. All process parameters can be set by the user to adapt to various difficult operations and micro-soldering processes.
6. Chinese interface input, easy to learn and understand, no need for external teaching pendant, more convenient debugging than similar products, simple and convenient.
7. Automatic tin feeding and tin breaking functions, adjustable tin amount, precise tin control, and tin feeding can be started at any time, effectively satisfying various soldering processes and improving machine efficiency.
8. Weller temperature control table, the temperature can be adjusted accurately and the temperature difference is ±2°C. Precisely adjust the temperature, time and tin feeding speed, and control the tin output to meet uniform and high-quality welding.
9. According to the customer's product, multiple spot welding joints can be selected, which is more suitable for the welding of array standard products.
10. The welding track can be called at any time, and the files of multiple welding tracks can be stored without repeated editing
11. With computer-controlled motion and software programming, multiple operations can be realized.
12. Equipped with a closed fume hood to keep the air in the workshop clean. The equipment has an automatic cleaning function, which stabilizes the quality of solder processing and prolongs the service life of the soldering iron tip to a certain extent.
Device model DMHX300X
Number of axes 4-axis synchronous control
X-axis 400mm
Y-axis 300mm
Z-axis 100mm
Platform load capacity 10kg
Maximum Speed (PTP) XY axis 800mm/sec.
z-axis 450mm/sec.
X,Y-axis ±0.02mm
Z-axis ±0.02mm
Corresponds to the maximum fixture size 400*300mm(X,Y)
The number of programs 999 groups
Drive system 5-phase stepper motor
Control system PLC+PID
Temperature control range 40-450℃
Temperature control accuracy ± 2 degrees
Heater alarm range Variable range of 2-99°C
Tin delivery mechanism Double tin delivery mechanism
Heater power 200w: Cross heater
Tin feeding speed 0-50mm/s
Tin wire diameters are supported Φ0.3-Φ1.2 (standard)
Alarm situation The tin line is interrupted, the tin wire is blocked, and the heater alarms
Exterior size mm L680*W700*H830mm
power supply AC220V±10% 50/60Hz 450VA
atmospheric pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa
Associated humidity 20-95%
Associated temperature -10-40 degrees Celsius
weight 55kg

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