Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-800D
Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-800D
  • Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-800D
  • Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-800D
  • Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-800D
  • Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-800D
  • Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-800D

Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-800D

▶fully meet all kinds of lead-free welding process requirements.
▶WindowsXP operating system, English and Chinese interface, easy to learn operation; Standard air furnace, patented hot air system, using hot air convection conduction more efficient, faster heat compensation.
▶PLC+PLD closed loop control, stable and reliable performance, high temperature control and curve repetition accuracy.
▶Dual temperature sensor, dual safety control mode, abnormal speed alarm, drop board alarm; Full modular design, faster maintenance, reduce maintenance time and cost.
▶Guide rail adopts special hardening treatment, strong and durable.
▶The regulating wheel adopts single chain to adjust the sequence, simple and practical.
▶Temperature patrol instrument monitors the temperature of each temperature zone at any time, ultra-high temperature protection, automatically cut off the heating power supply, nitrogen quantitative control in the whole process, each temperature zone independent closed-loop control, can make nitrogen concentration range of 5-200ppm. Double track double speed, single cost, double capacity, energy saving up to 65%.

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Product Details

Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-800D

What is SMT reflow oven?
In SMT reflow systems the heat tranfer takes place by full convection. Heated process gas (air, nitrogen) is guided on the products by nozzle plates. The resulting temperature profile has to be conform with guidelines of component and solder paste manufacturer.

Dimension(L × W × H) 5520*1430*1530
Color Computer grey
Weight Approx. 2710 kg
Number of heating zone Top 8/Bottom 8
Length of heating zone 3110 mm
Number of cooling zone Top 3/Bottom 3
Rectifying plate structure Small circulation
Exhaust volume requirement 11m³/min*2(Exhausts)

Lead-free reflow soldering series brings the concept of environmental protection and energy saving into the new design.
The new cooling structure design reduces the heat loss while making the flux recovery more thorough.
It has the excellent characteristics of ultra-low power consumption and easy maintenance.
Higher transmission reliability, better system stability and improved heat transfer efficiency allow for lead-free processes for larger and more complex welded products.

In the Surface Mount Technology process, Hot Air Reflow equipment provides an optimized lead-free, lead-free Soldering process, which has been highly favored in terms of low energy consumption and high productivity.

Hot Air Reflow adopts advanced production process control, provides strong equipment and process guarantee for production and processing, and provides "valuable products and services" for enterprises. It is a full-featured and cost-effective product in the industry.

Machine Specification
Model XMR-800D Control Industrial computer
Heating zones qty. Top 8, bottom 8 Cooling zones qty. Top 3, bottom 3
Heating zone length 3110mm Rectifying plate Thick copper plate
Weight Approx:2760kg Dimension 5520*1680*1530mm
Exhaust capacity 11㎡/min×2 Color Grey
 Control system
Electricity supply 3P 380V/220V
Temp. control range Room temp.~300℃
Total power 67KW Temp. control
±1℃(static state)
Start power 32KW Temp. control method PID +SSR drive+PLC
Consumption power 10KW PCB temperature
Speed control 3 Inverters adjust Data save All profiles can be
High, low temp.
Warm up time Apprx.30minute Abnormal alarm  
 Conveying system  
Rail structure 2 sectional rails Rail fixed method Front fix  
Chain structure Stainless steel,
stuck-free type
Conveying height 900±20mm  
PCB Max. width 50-300mm*2
Conveying method Mesh+ chain  
Component height Top/bottom 25mm Conveying speed 300-2000mm  
Conveying direction Left to right Lubrication Automatic  
 Cooling system  
Cooling method Forced air cooling  
 Heating features  
Heating zones Top 8,bottom 8(3110mm)can meet the need of the peak lead-free
Cooling zones After cool down by forced air, PCB temp. is ≤70℃ at the exit.  
Warm up time From the normal temp. to set temp, approximate 30 minutes.  
Warm up sequence Warm up from two side, save the power and time  
Profile transfer time <15min  
Heating zone temp.
control accuracy
PCB temp. deviation ±1℃  
Empty to full load
heat balance respond time

≤20 s
Heating zones separately close function Every heating zone can be closed separately on computer. When the bottom heating zones are closed, the PCB two sides temp. different reaches max.(PCB of different material, thickness, size, the temp.
difference value is different.)
 Heating parts  

Hot air motor
Import anti high temperature motor,RPM:2800rpm。Adopts inverter
to control, can adjust the speed of motor from 0to 3000, stepless.
Motor warranty is 5 years.
Heater The heater is specially made, with high efficiency and sensitivity,
warranty time is 5 years.
Air lane structure High efficient air lane, provides abundant air  
Exhaust system Forced exhaust device, ensure no escape of flux.  
 Transmission parts  
Anti torque rail High strength and hardened rail, is very durable and wear resistant.  
Rail parallelism ±0.3mm  
Chain stretch out
Standard: 5mm, the chain is anti-stuck type, solve the soldering
problem of small PCB
C/V speed set
min.unit range
0.01m/min, 0~2m/min  
C/V speed deviation
Computer close loop, within ±2%  
Chain tension device Automatic adjust by spring, avoid the chain stuck due to the heating.  
Conveying motor Panasonic adjustable motor  

Chain lubrication
The lubrication is controlled by PC, lubrication cycle and time can be set(there are three modes: fine, standard, economical. There is
also manual lubrication in software)
Rail width-adjusting Independent adjusting  
Mesh 500mmstainless steel mesh,runs synchronized with chain  
 Machine structure  
Frame The frame is well soldered, firm and durable.  

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