FUJI NXTR S model Smart factory platform
FUJI NXTR S model Smart factory platform
  • FUJI NXTR S model Smart factory platform

FUJI NXTR S model Smart factory platform

NXTR offers a truly modular design for the optimal line configuration that caters to your production.
Real-time sensing placement, optimized placement actions, and part handling checks after placement are just a few examples. This high end model machine supports new functions that preserve a high level of QCD performance.

NXTR is the next stage toward the smart factory of the future.

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Product Details
FUJI NXTR S model Smart factory platform

Modular concept

This machine continues the concept of true modularity from the NXT series.
This true modularity is a unique feature to Fuji and none of our competitors can match it.


High quality placement

Maintaining a high level of quality on all placements.


Support for various production types

Building production lines with the flexibility to handle various types of production.


Evolving manufacturing

Responding to evolving parts and production models, and advancing total line efficiency

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