Fully automatic Scraper cleaning machine-SMS-220
Fully automatic Scraper cleaning machine-SMS-220
  • Fully automatic Scraper cleaning machine-SMS-220

Fully automatic Scraper cleaning machine-SMS-220

SMT solder paste printing scraper automatic cleaning machine. Cleaning with water-based cleaning solution, rinsing with DI water, automatic cleaning, rinsing, hot air drying and other processes in one machine.

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Product Details
Fully automatic Scraper cleaning machine-SMS-220
1. The overall use of SUSU304 stainless steel body, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, durable.
2. It is suitable for scrapers of all automatic solder paste printing machines currently on the market.
3. Ultrasonic vibration + spray jetting two cleaning methods, more thorough cleaning.
4. Rotary scraper cleaning system, 6 scrapers are placed at a time, and the maximum cleaning length is 900mm.
5. Jog rotation, clamp-type clamping method, easy to pick and place the scraper.
6. One-button operation, cleaning, rinsing and drying are automatically completed at one time according to the set procedure.
7. The cleaning room is equipped with a visual window, and the cleaning process is clear at a glance.
8. Color touch screen, PLC control, run according to the program, cleaning parameters can be set as required.
9. Cleaning and rinsing double-pump dual-system, independent liquid tanks and independent pipelines.
10. Cleaning and rinsing real-time filtration system, the tin beads after cleaning will no longer return to the surface of the scraper.
11. Cleaning liquid and rinsing water are recycled to reduce emissions and meet environmental protection requirements.
12. Equipped with a diaphragm pump to realize fast liquid addition and liquid discharge.
name SMS-220 
Suitable for scraper size L600mm
Number of scrapers to clean at one time 6PCS
Number of scrapers to clean at one time 80Lx2
Cleaning time 5~10min
Rinsing time 1~2min
Drying time 5~20min
Cleaning solution Water-based stencil cleaning fluid
Rinse solution DI Water
Drying method High pressure hot air drying
Washing/rinsing filtration 100um filter + 1um filter element
Ultrasonic power 1.2KW
Cleaning, rinsing pump power 1.1KW+1.1KW
Power requirements AC380V 3P,50/60HZ,28KW
Air supply requirements 0.5~0.7Mpa,200~400L/Min
Machine size L1400 x W1300 x H1300(mm)
Machine weight 500KG

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