Pneumatic fixture cleaning machine SMS-5100
Pneumatic fixture cleaning machine SMS-5100
  • Pneumatic fixture cleaning machine SMS-5100

Pneumatic fixture cleaning machine SMS-5100

SMS-5100 Pneumatic fixture cleaning machine, both solvent and water-based cleaning fluid; mainly used for regular cleaning of reflow soldering fixtures/trays in the SMT industry; can also be used for lead-free reflow soldering furnace condenser, filter flux cleaning . The machine adopts pneumatic control, which is easy to operate and safe to use.

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Product Details
Pneumatic fixture cleaning machine SMS-5100
1. Fully pneumatic control, no electricity at all, ensuring absolute safety in the cleaning process, without any worries.
2. All stainless steel body, acid and alkali resistance, durable, beautiful appearance.
3. One-button simple operation, the whole process of high-pressure cleaning + high-pressure rinsing + compressed air drying is automatically completed.
4. Closed cleaning and rinsing, the cleaning solution and rinsing solution are circulated and filtered in the machine to reduce the cost of use.
5. It can be cleaned with water-based cleaning fluid or solvent.
6. The standard equipment is equipped with the function of automatically adding and discharging rinse solution.
7. Internal lock safety design, when the door is opened, the machine stops working immediately.
8. Imported rotary motor ensures smooth cleaning operation.
Project SMS-5100
Wash Basket Size D1000x H 200(mm)
Sprinkler System Top, bottom, front, all-round rotating spray cleaning, rinsing
3-Stage Filtration System 1mm filter / 50um filter / 20um filter
cleaning time 5~15min
rinse time 1~2min
drying time 5~10min
Washing fluid tank capacity 80L
Rinse tank capacity 80L
Injection pressure 2~4kg/cm2
filtering system 2mm/100um/20um
Gas source 0.5~0.7Mpa, 800~1000L/min
Machine size L1450 x W1550 x H1400(mm)
machine weight 480KG

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