Fully automatic PCBA cleaning machine-SMS-5600
Fully automatic PCBA cleaning machine-SMS-5600
  • Fully automatic PCBA cleaning machine-SMS-5600

Fully automatic PCBA cleaning machine-SMS-5600

SMS-5600 PCBA off-line cleaning machine is an off-line cleaning machine with compact structure, energy saving and environmental protection, and can actually batch clean the cleaning machine.

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Product Details
Fully automatic PCBA cleaning machine-SMS-5600
1. Comprehensive cleaning, which can thoroughly clean the residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux, no-clean flux, solder paste and other organic and inorganic pollutants on the surface of PCB after soldering.
2. It is suitable for cleaning small batches and multi-variety PCBA.
3. Double-layer cleaning basket, which can load PCBA layer by layer; size 610mm(L) x560mm(W) x100mm(H), 2 layers in total.
4. The cleaning room is equipped with a visual window, and the cleaning process can be observed.
5. The simple Chinese operation interface can quickly set the cleaning process parameters, and the cleaning program can be stored; the hierarchical management password can be set according to the authority of the administrator.
6. The heating temperature control system of the washing liquid can be heated to an appropriate temperature according to the chemical characteristics of the washing liquid, so as to improve the cleaning efficiency and shorten the cleaning time.
7. The built-in filter device can realize the recycling of the solution and reduce the amount of the solution. At the end of the cleaning, the compressed air blowing method is used to recover the residual liquid in the pipeline and the pump, which can effectively save 50% of the cleaning solution.
8. Real-time resistivity monitoring system, conductivity control range 0~18MΩ.
9. Multiple DI water rinsing, high standard cleanliness, and ion pollution meet IPC-610D Class I standard.
10. 304 stainless steel structure, exquisite workmanship, strong and durable, resistant to acid and alkali cleaning liquid corrosion.
Project SMS-5600
Wash basket size L610 x W560 x H100 (mm) x2 层
Spray tank capacity 18L
Stock solution box capacity 30L
Dilution tank capacity 60L
Cleaning time 5~20min
Rinsing time 1~2min/time
Number of rinses 1~99/time
Drying time 10~30min
Liquid heating temperature Room temperature ~ 60 °C
PCB drying temperature Room temperature ~ 99 °C
Resistivity test range 0~18MΩ
Liquid circulation filtration 0.2um
Rinse the discharge filtration system 0.2um
Dry air filtration 10um
DI water supply 30~65L/Min
DI water supply 0.2~0.4Mpa
Exhaust outlet size Φ76xH50(mm)
Power/air supply AC380V 3P,50/60HZ,30KW/0.5Mpa,200~400L/Min
Machine size L1300*W1200*H1850(mm)
Machine weight 600KG

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