Automatice screw dispenser DM-S531
Automatice screw dispenser DM-S531
  • Automatice screw dispenser DM-S531

Automatice screw dispenser DM-S531

Cost saving: one person can operate, and one person can be used for 3-5 people.
Improve efficiency: 0.5-1.2 seconds for one screw, only need to manually put on and off the product.
Accurate and reliable: Repeatability ±0.02mm, with automatic detection and alarm function of sliding teeth, floating locks, missing locks, alarm prompt, select relock or skip. With torque detection to ensure the consistency of locking screws.
Wide range of applications: suitable for screws with specifications below M6.
Demand customization: according to the customer's product and screw specifications, it can be customized according to the customer's needs, which is more humanized.

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Product Details
Automatice screw dispenser DM-S531
1. Simple programming method, you can directly input the coordinates of the screw position, teach and reproduce the coordinate position, simply operate the teaching box, you can set the replacement interval, realize the circular locking screw scheme, and improve the operation efficiency;
2. Chinese interface input, easy to learn and understand, no external teaching device is needed, it is more convenient to debug than similar products, simple and convenient, employees can quickly master the operation and debugging;
3. The equipment can store 999 operating programs, and the same machine can process 999 different products. When changing products, directly replace the jig, and switch to the corresponding program to put into production;
4. The torque is accurate and can be easily and simply adjusted to ensure the quality of screw locking;
5. The screw machine can count and record various data in real time and upload them to the company server. The data includes production quantity, production specification, production time, fault information, fault code, fault time, etc.;
6. The distribution map of screw locking status can be displayed on the interface, and the different locking statuses can be distinguished by color. The screw locking status includes: "locked", "sliding teeth" and "floating lock";
7. You can choose to lock the screw from any hole on the product, or you can continue to lock the screw from the last unlocked position, and display which screw hole is currently being locked. The locking screw is random, flexible and changeable;
8. Single-point correction, allowing users to automatically position each single point, manually correct the coordinates, and correct the coordinates. Automatic positioning to the next point, debugging is simple, convenient, fast and flexible;
9. Sliding teeth treatment, there are three ways to deal with the screw holes of sliding teeth and floating locks. "Relock", you can relock the screw. If the first relock is unsuccessful, you can relock it again until the lock is completed. You can also choose to relock with or without screws, or you can choose "Skip". You can skip the fault of ignoring the screw hole, and skip locking the next screw directly. Users can also set "skip times". The number of times the machine is allowed to automatically skip the faulty screw hole;
10. The program implantation method can choose direct input, teaching, insertion, deletion, copy, paste, offset, array, and overall correction of mark point alignment;
11. Adopting PLC control, combined with the specially developed locking screw control system, it has the function of automatic position setting and reset, which ensures the accuracy and stability of the repeated movement of the equipment.

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