SMT PCB Vacuum Loader VL-330W-TN
SMT PCB Vacuum Loader VL-330W-TN
  • SMT PCB Vacuum Loader VL-330W-TN

SMT PCB Vacuum Loader VL-330W-TN

▶ Easy-to-operate touch screen control interface.
▶ The fully enclosed design of the suction plate mechanism ensures the operational safety level.
▶ The position of the suction nozzle can be adjusted to ensure that the circuit board is clamped.
▶ Parallel and smooth width adjustment (screw).
▶ Smooth and precise translation (stepping motor).
▶ Minimize the transfer gap between conveyors.
▶ The size of the machine can be customized according to customer requirements.
▶ Compatible with SMEMA interface.

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Product Details
SMT PCB Vacuum Loader VL-330W-TN

Vacuum loader designed to pick up a bard board from the stack and deliver it to the next process in the assembly line.

Technical parameters
Description:This unit is used for automatic loading oper tion into transceiver board
Maxinmum PCBs capacity:100pcs(0.6mm thick PCB)
Cycle time: Approx.12 seconds or specify
Power source: AC 110 volts or 220 volts .single phase
Power consumption: Max :150V
Air presure and consumption:4-6bar,Up to 30 liters/min
Transport height:900±20mm(or customer specified)
Transport direction:From left to right or right to left
Model Dimension(L*W*H MM) PCB size(MM) Weight(KG)
VL-330W-TN 600*1002*1300 50*50-445*330 130
VL-460W-TN 800*1270*1300 50*50-530*460 150

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