PCB Depaneling Router CMQ360
PCB Depaneling Router CMQ360
  • PCB Depaneling Router CMQ360
  • PCB Depaneling Router CMQ360
  • PCB Depaneling Router CMQ360

PCB Depaneling Router CMQ360

▶The whole series is equipped with dual 16 million high-speed camera auxiliary programming system, making your programming easier and smarter.
▶The whole series is equipped with a high-speed CCD vision automatic correction system, which greatly improves the cutting accuracy and operation efficiency.
▶The high-speed spindle is used for PCB cutting and splitting, with low splitting stress and high precision, and it is suitable for any shape of circuit board.
▶The dual-table movement can cut two different products and place the circuit board at the same time, improving work efficiency.
▶The independent external dust collection cabinet has good sealing performance and low noise. The integrated bag can be cleaned and reused, reducing the cost of use.
▶Windows operating system, safe and stable, easy to learn and use

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Product Details
PCB Depaneling Router CMQ360

What is PCB Depaneling machine?

A Depaneling router is a machine that uses a router bit to mill the material of the PCB. Cutting through the material of the PCB wears down the bit, which must be replaced periodically. Routing machines must be programmed separately for various PCBs.

This device is suitable for various small multi-connected PCB sub-boards such as mobile phones, tablet computers, automotive electronics, GPS, boards, etc.
The enlarged size is suitable for the sub-board processing of large circuit boards such as digital TV motherboards, PC hosts, workstations, servers, etc.
Standard jigs or special jigs can be used to assist in plate cutting to increase productivity.
Use dual working platforms to place workpieces to reduce waiting time and improve production efficiency

PCB Seperator
Mode CMQ360
Effective cutting size 320*350mm
Cutting function Straight line, point, circle and circle solitary etc.
Processing table Double countertop
Repeat accuracy ±0.01mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.02mm
Moving speed XY axis: 1000mm/s, Z axis: 500mm/s
Maximum stroke X:760 Y:460 Z:80mm
Spindle speed MAX.60000rpm Adjustable
Cutting speed 0~100mm/s Adjustable
PCB cutting thickness 0.3-3.0MM
Program correction method Double tray 16 million camera coarse positioning, spindle CCD image fine positioning teaching mode
Program backup USB
XYZ axis drive mode AC servo motor
Applicable cutter size 0.8~3.0mm
Host power specification AC220V 50/60HZ Single-phase
Cutting host size 1420(W)*1370(D)*1500(H)mm
Cutting host weight 650kg
Dust collector power 3HP
Dust collector power supply specifications AC220V/380V 50/60HZ Three-phase
Dust collector size 630(W)*660(D)*1650(H)mm
Dust collector weight 120kg
Dust collection method Down dust collection / Up dust collection (Optional)

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