FUJI sFAB-SH odd-form inserter
FUJI sFAB-SH odd-form inserter
  • FUJI sFAB-SH odd-form inserter

FUJI sFAB-SH odd-form inserter

sFAB-D machines have continued to evolve since their release to the market. They are able to insert parts into various panels with a wide range of support in part packaging. As an entry model, sFAB-SH machines are now added into the same product lineup.
In addition to the advanced versatility, scalability, and productivity of the sFAB-D machines, this machine specializes in general panel assembly as embodied in its simple platform that makes it easier to introduce.

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Product Details
FUJI sFAB-SH odd-form inserter
Unparalleled part support range

Because the SmartFAB can handle large and heavy parts which cannot be handled on other insertion machines, a wider range of assembly can be automated. This can shorten the work time and make quality stable compared to manual insertion. By replacing heads, you can use two different specifications and get the maximum effect with minimum investment.
For large parts on power boards and automotive boards
Supports large parts up to 55 mm tall and 200 g in weight - sH02-SH head
Supports a wide range of parts from axial part, radial parts to large transformers, coils, and capacitors.

For control boards
Supports high-speed handling of small parts up to 39.5 mm tall and 20 g in weight - sH08-SH head
Performs high-speed insertions by transporting up to eight parts at once. Optimum for parts such as axial parts, radial parts, connectors, buzzers, and compact transformers.


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