• FUJI Mounter NXT III
  • FUJI Mounter NXT III


The proliferation of multifunction and high-performance electronics has been growing rapidly in areas such as mobile devices and car electronics. However, because these products tend to have short life cycles, production equipment that has the flexibility to respond to ramping up to mass production in a short amount of time and changes in demand is sought after.

The NXT III is a modular SMT mounter that is able to provide the best line every time for factories that have such kinds of frequent changes for producing electronics devices.

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Product Details

NXT III Scalable Placement Platforms

The NEW NXT III is a highly productive, multi-functional modular placing machine. Built for speed, it features a faster XY robot and tape feeders, as well as a new H24 head that achieves 35,000 chips per hour. The NXT III supports the smallest parts being used in mass production with extreme placing accuracy.

Full modularization and unitization

Configure lines according to the purpose

Modules, heads, and supply units can be combined freely, so that the optimum line configuration can always be built by changing the configuration to match changes in the part type and product model.

It is possible to expand the capability only for the necessary level by adding modules and exchanging units.

Offline maintenance to maximize production uptime

Because swapping units that require maintenance with units that are fully maintained can be performed at the operator level, downtime can also be greatly reduced. Maintenance can be performed offline on the removed units while production is still running.


The machines are designed to reduce operator work load

The module can be pulled forward for easy access inside the machine from both sides. Working at the machine can be performed in a safe and comfortable posture.

NXT III Specifications    
Machine M3 III / M3 IIIS M6 III
Feeder slot quantity 20 45
Panel size (L x W) Single conveyor 48 x 48 to 305 x 610 mm 48 x 48 to 610 x 610 mm
Double conveyor Single conveyance 48 x 48 to 305 x 510 mm 48 x 48 to 610 x 510 mm
Dual conveyance 48 x 48 to 305 x 280 mm 48 x 48 to 610 x 280 mm
Heads H24S, H24A, DX *1, V12, H12HS(Q), H08M(Q) *1, H08(Q), H04SF, H04, H02F, H01, OF *1, G04F(Q), GL
Throughput H24S / H24A Standard mode 35,000 cph
Productivity priority mode 42,000 cph (43,000 cph)
H08M Standard mode 13,000 cph
Productivity priority mode 14,000 cph
H02F Standard mode 6,700 cph
priority mode
7,400 cph
Placing accuracy H24S / H24A Standard mode ±0.025 mm    Cpk  ≥ 1.00
Heightened accuracy mode *2 ±0.015 mm    Cpk  ≥ 1.00
H08M ±0.040 mm    Cpk  ≥ 1.00
H02F ±0.025 mm    Cpk  ≥ 1.00
Part supply units Tape feeders, stick feeders, tray units, others
Power source 3-phase 200 to 230 V ± 10 % (50/60 Hz)
Air 0.5 MPa (ANR)
*1 Available on M6 III.        
*2 Based on optimal conditions at Fuji placing rectangular chips (high-accuracy tuning).  

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