Hanwha DECAN L2 Advanced Multi-functioal placer
Hanwha DECAN L2 Advanced Multi-functioal placer
  • Hanwha DECAN L2 Advanced Multi-functioal placer

Hanwha DECAN L2 Advanced Multi-functioal placer

▶Ensuring the flexibility of handling and delivery of various components.
▶Reduced production time by optimizing Motion Sequence and sharing data between devices.
▶Through the use of three-dimensional lighting system and improved strong vision algorithm to enhance the recognition ability of special-shaped components.

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Product Details

Hanwha DECAN L2 Advanced Multi-functioal placer

High Reliability

Optimize the placement of odd-shaped components and LED & LED Lens
Significantly reduce placement failures by identifying LED directions, types, and bump positions Identify LED lighting sources and place LENS based on the lighting source (patent registration No. 1472444).


Flexible Production
Large PCB handling equipment capable of on-site modification
Standard equipment can be transformed into large PCB handling equipment on site. The maximum PCB size that can be processed is 1,200 x 460mm.
High Performance

Reduce PCB Fiducial Mark identification time
Optimize the movement path of a single Fiducial Mark in the LED Bar.

Reduce cycle time by sharing Badmarks between devices
Share the bad marking information of the PCB identified by the first device with other devices in the production line.

Fly Camera, Fix Camera
Spindle & Speed
2 Gantry * 6 Spindle / 56,000 CPH
±40µm Cpk≥1.0 (0402 (01005 inch) chip) /±30µm Cpk≥1.0 (IC, Stage Vision)
Component Range
Fly: 0402 ~ □21 mm / Fix: ~□42 mm (Standard) / ~□55 mm (MFOV) / ~ L75 mm Connector (MFOV)
L 1,430 x D 1,740 x H 1,995


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