DS 3200 In-Line X-Ray Component Counting Machine
DS 3200 In-Line X-Ray Component Counting Machine
  • DS 3200 In-Line X-Ray Component Counting Machine

DS 3200 In-Line X-Ray Component Counting Machine

▶ Deep learning based on fully automatic spotting algorithm.
▶ No need to spend 3-5 days to input data to the material tray in the factory, users can use it directly.
▶ The accumulated point material database is shared to all machines.
▶ More data, more reliable and more accurate spotting.
▶ Can count 7~17inch inch trays.
▶ Support random location, excellent user experience.
▶ Algorithm/database permanent update and support.
▶ Extremely high reliability and repeatability based on deep learning.

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Product Details
DS 3200 In-Line X-Ray Component Counting Machine

This equipment is mainly used for fast counting of reel materials used in the production of SMT industry. It is based on high industry 4.0 standards and has an intelligent modular design. It can count all items such as 7-17 inch Tape Reel/JEDEC Tray/IC tide sensitive bags. , Equipped with artificial intelligence deep learning software, cloud update system.
Material types include all resistance-capacitance materials and IC materials. Use X-ray imaging technology to detect production materials and obtain image information. After fast counting through the image algorithm independently developed by Morel, the actual quantity of materials can be obtained. At the same time, the number of materials can be classified and counted according to categories, and the equipment The data information is connected with the customer's MES system.
Whole machine status Equipment size 3200mm*1300mm*2100mm
Total equipment weight 2.5t
Power supply voltage AC220V 50/60Hz
Total power Max 2Kw
Feeding method  turntable double-station automatic induction feeding (each station can buffer 50 disks of 7-15 inches)
Unloading method turntable double-station automatic induction unloading (each station can buffer 50 disks of 7-15 inches)
Abnormal material storage area pre-test abnormal material storage area (automatic storage)
X-ray tube ray tube brand American VJ
X-ray tube voltage 80Kv
X-ray tube current 700uA
Focus size 30um
Detector Brand Germany Iray
Imaging area 427*427mm
Pixel size 139um
Pixel matrix 3072*3072pixels
Grayscale 16 bits
Inspection item and size Maximum size of tray 17 inch
The minimum size of the tray 7inch/Including smaller bulk materials
Maximum thickness of tray 85mm
Minimum thickness of tray 3mm
Compatible with minimum period type 1005
Material tray coverage rate Continuously update the database, which can cover 99% of the materials on the market
Other specifications Counting time about 8~10 seconds/reel
Counting accuracy 01005 accuracy rate> 99.99%, 0201 accuracy rate = 100%
Barcode Scanner Configurable 1D and 2D barcode scanner
Label printing real-time printing of material codes and points results
Labeling method CCD visually recognizes the coordinates of the old barcode on the tray, and pastes the new barcode on the tray and covers the old barcode
Detection components resistance, capacitance, inductance, crystal oscillator, LED, diode, transistor, multi-pin IC, etc.
Software Support any format SPC statistics, pictures and results are automatically saved
Docking system ERP, MES, etc.
Radiation leakage <1 µSv/Hour

How the X-ray Inpsetion Machine Works?
X-ray inspection technology, also referred to as automated x-ray inspection, is a technology that can find hidden features within a target object. From the medical industry to aerospace manufacturing, x-ray inspection is a widely used method to identify manufacturing errors. It is especially prevalent in PCB inspection, as x-rays are an excellent way to test PCB quality and find hidden defects without risking damage to the board. In this guide, we’ll discuss what x-ray inspection is, how it works and what it’s benefits are, so you understand how to leverage PCB x-ray inspection for your company’s purposes.

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