FUJI sFAB-a (alpha) odd-form inserter
FUJI sFAB-a (alpha) odd-form inserter
  • FUJI sFAB-a (alpha) odd-form inserter

FUJI sFAB-a (alpha) odd-form inserter

Surface mount technology continues to grow as the most popular method for assembling electronic parts, and the quantity of discrete parts used has reduced year by year. However, discrete parts do continue to be used together with surface mount devices—mostly in consumer electrical appliances and automotive related products. It is believed that this situation will remain the same going forward.
On the other hand, there are many manufacturers who are hesitant to replace aging machinery because the ratio of insertion parts being used has dropped in comparison to what it once was and it is hard to maintain operation rates for older model insertion machines.

While sFAB-alpha makes a good addition to increase capability for mass production, as a combined insertion machine it also makes a good replacement for aging dedicated insertion equipment.

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Product Details
FUJI sFAB-a (alpha) odd-form inserter
Three different insertion processes in one machine
This is a highly versatile combined insertion machine that is able to insert radial parts, axial parts, and jumper wires in the same machine.
Significantly reduced installation space
The space taken up by equipment can be reduced to up to 1/4 of the size in comparison to a line with three connected dedicated insertion machines.

Reduced installation cost
The equipment investment cost is reduced to half that of what it would be if installing three dedicated insertion machines.
We can also provide a program converter so that it is not necessary to remake programs after equipment is replaced.

Reduced works-in-progress
No works in progress that would eventuate between processes when using dedicated insertion machines.

Producing insertion panels that have an uneven ratio of part types can lead to bottlenecks and poor cycle times when using a series of dedicated machines. Combining an existing dedicated machine for the most placed part type with the more versatile sFAB-alpha will make it possible to balance the line for a better cycle time.

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