Samsung SM411 Pick And Place Machine
Samsung SM411 Pick And Place Machine
  • Samsung SM411 Pick And Place Machine

Samsung SM411 Pick And Place Machine

Samsung sm411 is highly reliable. It is the 6th generation with a full vision mounter. The 4th Generation Dual Gantry System is developed in the machine in order to make your work more reliable. If you are looking for the effeteness of the work, then you must add the machine to your collection. It will make your work easier that will surely give you mental comfort and peace.

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Product Details

Samsung SM411 Pick and Place Machine

Chip theoretical speed 42,000CPH
Mounting range 0402 chip to the largest □ 14mmIC
Positioning accuracy of plus or minus 0.05mm
PCB size 510 (L) x 460 (W)
Equipment Size 1,650 (L) x 1,690 (D) x 1,535 (H)
Maximum power 5.0k VA
Equipment weight 182kg

IPC9850 standard can mount 42,000CPH (Chip 1608)
Dual Manipulator Drive System (12 heads)
In flight recognition system of images
Y-axis dual servo motor drive system
Bilateral standard feeder base
Can be installed 120 8mm belt feeders
Reference point recognition camera
Automatic nozzle replacement device
Alignment Mode Flight Vision
Number of Spindles 6 Spindles x 2 Gantry
Mounting Speed ​​Flight Vision Chip 1608
SOP 42,000 CPH (IPC9850)
30,000 CPH (IPC9850)
Mounting accuracy Chip ± 50? @ 3σ / Chip
(Based on the standard chips)
Narrow pitch mounting 0.1mm (0603) / 0.15mm (1005)
Component range 0603 ~ 14mm Chip, QFP, BGA
(Option: 0402 Please contact us. The more information will be available upon your request.)
Minimum pin pitch (QFP)
Minimum ball pitch (BGA) 0.5mm (QFP) / 0.65mm (BGA)
Height H = 12mm
Board size (mm) minimum 50 (L) x 40 (W)
510 (L) x 460 (W)
(Single Lane Mode, 460 (L) Excess: No Buffer)
460 (L) x 250 (W) (Dual Lane Mode)
610 (L) x 460/250 (W) (Option)
PCB thickness 0.38mm ~ 4.2mm
Number of feeders 120ea / 112ea (feeder changer)
Energy consumption Power consumption AC200 / 208/220/240/380/415 V (50 / 60Hz, 3Phase)
Max. 5.0kVA
Air consumption 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa (5.1 ~ 7.1kgf / cm2), 300N? / Min
Weight 1,820kg
Dimensions (mm) 1,650 (L) x 1,690 (D) x 1,535 (H)

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