PCB Laser Marking Machine S-Series
PCB Laser Marking Machine S-Series
  • PCB Laser Marking Machine S-Series
  • PCB Laser Marking Machine S-Series
  • PCB Laser Marking Machine S-Series
  • PCB Laser Marking Machine S-Series

PCB Laser Marking Machine S-Series

▶Direct Mounting Machine Double Track (686mm track width)
▶Independent engraving mode: two tracks of AB can be engraving with different machines at the same time
▶Independent transmission board, transmission time is 0
▶Double track PCB size: 450*250mm
   Monorail PCB size: 450*450mm


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Product Details
PCB Laser Marking Machine S-Series

What is PCB laser marking machine?
The process of laser marking PCBs involves the movement of the PCB under a low-powered laser beam that causes gradual discoloration of the areas under focus. With the highly efficient laser marking machines, you can select the exact numbers and the QR code or barcode that you want to mark the PCBs with.

Code check

Read the printed data and check it (100% detection rate)
Equipped with the ability to control a series of actions from barcode/QR code printing to reading. Can use the reader (image processor) to read the bar code/two-dimensional code engraved by the laser marking machine, and then check with the original data to confirm whether the engraved is correct. Helps prevent the outflow of misprinted products.

System Link
Direct laser marking machine and the reader to be connected, and then read in the production instruction book recorded on the bar code/two-dimensional code data. Interconnect data with ERP/MES/MIS systems.
The MES server provides the code content

According to the content of the radium engraving machine, the code of the radium engraving machine is as follows:
1. WebService: The server provides WebService address, download interface, download back instruction, upload interface, upload back instruction, server exception information acquisition, etc.
2. TXT file import: the server completes the TXT file, the file content contains the content and format of the code, and the radium engraving machine decompresses the code content according to the format after importing the file.
3. Call DLL: The server provides DLL, related interfaces and instructions.
4.SocketClient: The server provides IP address, port, download instructions, code form and content. Not recommended, similar to WebService but more cumbersome.

The customer does not have MES server, so the customer provides the coding format of the code content. Our IT staff develops the coding interface according to the customer's requirements, and the code content will be automatically generated according to the interface Settings of the operator, and then laser in turn.
Model introduction
1.S: Laser engraving machine
2. Format
250 300 350 400 450 600
3. Laser type
A: Access/ C: CO2 /P: Panasonic/ U: UV
G: Green laser / M: MOPA fiber / F: Fiber / ordinary fiber
4. Device type
Empty: single track / F: flip (Flip) / D: double head (Double) / S: double track / P: enhanced version, integrated detection

single track single track Flap Double head Dual track
S300U S450A S450AF S450AD S450AS
S300G S450P S450PF S450PD S450PS
S300M S450C S450UF S250AD  
S600C S450U S450GF S250OP  
S600P S450G S450MF    
S350A S450M S450FF    
Suitable for laser carving single panel Suitable for double-sided laser carving Suitable for laser carving double-sided board, high requirements for CT Suitable for laser engraving CT, high single-panel, saving transfer time

Type Model Size Working Locate Model Equipment power Dimention(L*W*H) Weight(kg)
S300 series S300G 300*300 Laser location CCD+Mark   860*1650*1550 550KG
  S450A     2KW   680KG
Single-track S450P        
  S450C 450*450      
  S450PF       1000*1550*1550        850KG
Turning plate S450AF   Laser moving  
  S450UF 450*450    
  S450PD     2.5KW   1100KG
Double-end S250AD 250*250   2.5KW 760*1650*1550 1000KG
Dual-track S450PS single-track450*380dual-track450*270   2KW 1000*1700*1600 800KG
SP80 SP80U 400*300 Laser Mobile platform 5KW 1450*1450*1550 1000KG
SP90 SP90U 500*300 5KW 1600*1800*1900 1500KG
PH150 PH150 180*130 Laser location CCD+Outline 2KW   700KG
Desktop T100U 100*100 Manually location 1KW   200KG
Index plate
S110M 110*110 Rotating platform Mechanical location 1.5KW   600KG


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