Automatic V-Groove PCB Cutting Machine HMF505
Automatic V-Groove PCB Cutting Machine HMF505
  • Automatic V-Groove PCB Cutting Machine HMF505
  • Automatic V-Groove PCB Cutting Machine HMF505

Automatic V-Groove PCB Cutting Machine HMF505

1. The microcontroller control the blade, operation is simple and convenient.
2. Infrared light curtain induction and protection tool double protection, safe production.
3. The blades use high quality materials.
4. The work platform can be adjusted up and down to protect the components on the PCB from damage.


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Product Details
Automatic V-Groove PCB Cutting Machine HMF505

What is V groove cutting?

V-grooves are cut into the matboard by directing bevel cuts to face each other, creating a "V" shape. This cutting exposes the core of the board providing an accent line around the mat opening.

Product Description
*ML-F505 PCB cutting machine using nether straight blade and upper round blade. When the machine is running, the v-cut (V-Groove) need to placed on the nether straight knife, PCB stay still, upper round blade move and cut the board. Basing on it, stress will be less and avoid bumps, which may cause dark injuries and component damage.
*Suitable for all kinds of fiberglass boards, FR-4 / FR-1 boards, etc. For PCB boards with components on both sides, this equipment is especially suitable.


1. The split type of the blade is relatively small.
2. Conveyor is optional if need to transfer the divided PCB board to the production line.
3. Single-chip control of the blade, easy to operate.
4. Double protection will ensure safety.
5. Preferred material will guarantee precision, the exclusive process of the vulnerable parts and tools, durable.
6. Suitable for cutting various double-sided PCB boards with components.

Model HMF505
Name Automatic PCB Cutting Machine
Size (L/W/H) L710mm×W450mm×H420mm
Blade size Round blade ϕ125mm×12mm×3mm
Straight blade 420mm×65mm×6mm
Blade material Imported high quality high speed steel
Plate thickness One third of the plate thickness
Splitter length 5-500mm
Sub-plate speed 300mm-500mm/s(Speed control motor, adjustable speed)
Splitter width 1mm-200mm best (small piece width, non-finishing width), full width 250mm
Air pressure None
Operating Voltage 220V/110V
equipment power 100W
Total Weight 55kg

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