PCB Shuttle Conveyor For SMT
PCB Shuttle Conveyor For SMT
  • PCB Shuttle Conveyor For SMT

PCB Shuttle Conveyor For SMT

▶User friendly 'soft-touch' LEDcontrol membranes control panel.
▶Enclosed design with built-in torque limiter ensures highest level of safety.
▶Top cover can be opened for easy access to hardware during maintance.
▶Parallel and smooth width adjustment(screw).
▶Steady and precise scaling(retractable motor).
▶Minimize transmission clearance clearance between conveyor.
▶Diferent lengths available upon request.
▶compatible SM EMA interface.

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Product Details
PCB Shuttle Conveyor For SMT

The conveyor can collect PCB's from two lines to one line/ distribute PCB's from one line to two lines.

◆This transfer machine equipment is used to combine SMT and production lines into one or split one line into two lines. This machine is used for dislocation translation between the two machines, and the PCB board is translated to the next equipment to continue production
◆The stroke length and the width of the equipment can be customized
◆PLC control system, true color touch screen man-machine control, double operation surface
◆With one input and two outputs/two inputs and one output/two inputs and two outputs/straight-through function
◆Fast, stable, accurate alignment, stepping motor drive control
◆Photoelectric sensor control start
◆Standard equipped with signal, can be connected online with other equipment
◆Smooth and parallel width adjustment
◆Closed design, safe and reliable
◆The buffer end design is more stable and precise
◆ Compatible with SMEMA interface
◆Extended products: 2.5M single-vehicle dual-rail transfer machine, 4.5M single-vehicle dual-rail transfer machine
◆Transfer machines of other specifications and sizes can be customized
Description This unit is used to redirect PCBs flow intodifferent channels in a production line
Cycle time Depends on traversing distance
Belt type Rround belt or oblate belt
Powersupply AC1P110V/220V
Power Max 250VA
Transport height 900+20mm(Or customized)
Transport direction From left to right or right to left
Model PT-150M-FATN PT-450L-2ATN
Dimension(L*W*H MM) 500*W*1050 600*4500*1050
PCB size(MM) 50*50-450*350 600*4500*1050
Weight(KG) 140 280
Machine width (1500mm)Depends ontraversing distance (4500mm)Depends ontraversing distance

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