Automatic SMT Splicing Machine BMM3272W
Automatic SMT Splicing Machine BMM3272W
  • Automatic SMT Splicing Machine BMM3272W
  • Automatic SMT Splicing Machine BMM3272W

Automatic SMT Splicing Machine BMM3272W

Functional advantages

Simple operation: 5 minutes to learn to operate, everyone can operate, reducing dependence on personnel.
Foolproof and error-proof: Automatically scan the code to compare and prevent errors, and can be connected with the customer's MES for double foolproof.
Precise traceability: connect to MES production system to facilitate customer traceability.
Improve the utilization rate of the production line: the pass rate is over 98%, and the utilization rate of the SMT production line is increased.
Measured value judgment: optional RC measurement function to avoid batch errors.

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Product Details
Automatic SMT Splicing Machine BMM3272W

The purpose of the automatic material receiving machine is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of component reel splicing, and it also has the function of error prevention and tracking.

The splicing machine is developed for the SMT automatic production line and requires rapid material change without stopping the machine. For two volumes of the same specification
The head and tail can automatically detect the empty material position, cut accurately, and pass the probability as high as 98%. The RC measurement function is optional.
Reduce dependence on manpower, reduce management costs, improve inspection efficiency, improve SMT production line utilization, and avoid batch errors.
This splicer can complete the splicing work of 32-72mm series products
Model: BMM3272W
Equipment size: 400mm x 460mm x H950mm
Working height: 900mm
Equipment weight: 50KG
Electric booster wheel: None, manual push and pull
Applicable placement machine: applicable to any type of placement machine
Applicable tape: suitable for 32, 44, 56, 72mm plastic tape with two-sided holes
Material splicing method: automatic riveting and pressing of copper buckles on both sides; feeder automatic filming, manual attachment
Length of receiving piece: 45*17mm
Splicing accuracy: ±0.2mm
Empty material detection method: none
Number of CCDs: None
Receiving cycle: 6sec (excluding manual work time)
Incoming material film: roll material
Number of film: 1
Copper buckle incoming material: sheet material
Pass chance rate: 99%
System docking: none
Computer: None
Display: optional 7-inch touch screen
Power supply: 48V lithium battery *2
Battery power supply time: 30hr
Cutting method: manual cutting
Equipment warranty: one year warranty
Other extended configurations: external power supply, splicing clamp, right receiving arm, material box, etc.

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