SMT Dual Lane PCB Conveyor With PLC
SMT Dual Lane PCB Conveyor With PLC
  • SMT Dual Lane PCB Conveyor With PLC
  • SMT Dual Lane PCB Conveyor With PLC
  • SMT Dual Lane PCB Conveyor With PLC
  • SMT Dual Lane PCB Conveyor With PLC
  • SMT Dual Lane PCB Conveyor With PLC

SMT Dual Lane PCB Conveyor With PLC

Modular design.
Weighted design improves stability.
Inspection mode and automatic mode.
Inducing multi-zone position accuracy.
Custom machine length according to customer's requirement.
Order the number of multi-zone zccording to customer's requirement.
Variable speed control,independent rail.
SMEMA cable.

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Product Details
SMT Dual Lane PCB Conveyor With PLC

What is PCB conveyor?

PCB handling with transport conveyors. A transporting PCB conveyor is the perfect way of transporting your PCB's from one SMT machine to the next. PCB assembly transport conveyors are found in all assembly lines.

Precision screw width adjustment, to ensure that the transport guide rail parallel to each other

▶Adopt flat belt and special thickened aluminum profile guide rail to ensure smooth connection and stable transportation
▶standard equipped with signal line, can be connected with other equipment online transmission board
▶according to customer requirements to make the length of the guide rail is different
▶The transmission motor adopts adjustable lengthening stepper motor
▶Photoelectric switch using Hufeng round photoelectric, durable

▶Flat belt transmission wheel adopts double bearing drive, transmission is stable, does not hurt the belt,
▶Both ends of the guide rail of the connecting platform are processed into eight-figure shape into PCB, so that PCB can enter and exit the       connecting platform smoothly without jitter
▶Adjust the width of the double screw
▶Double track independent control, convenient operation
Technical parameters

DescriptionThis device is equivalent to SMD machine or operator testing station of PCB assembly equipment
Belt type:Round belt or oblate belt
Conveying speed:0.5-20M/min or customer specified
Power supply:AC 110 volts or 220 volts/single phase
Transport height:  900±20MM(or custimzie)
Transpert direction:From left to right or right to left
Power supply: AC220V,50/60Hz
Air pressure : 5~6Kg/cm²

Model Dinension(L*W*H mm) PCB size (mm) Weight(KG)
DC-050M-N 500*1046*900 50*50-330*250 80
DC-100MN 1000*1046*900 50*50-330*250 95


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