PCBA  V-cut machine F886 automatic v-groove pcb cutting machine
PCBA  V-cut machine F886 automatic v-groove pcb cutting machine
  • PCBA  V-cut machine F886 automatic v-groove pcb cutting machine
  • PCBA  V-cut machine F886 automatic v-groove pcb cutting machine

PCBA V-cut machine F886 automatic v-groove pcb cutting machine

HMI touch screen control, simple operation, training can be mastered and used.
PLC+ servo motor control, stable and reliable performance, higher repeatability.
The width of the guide rail adopts speed regulating motor, panel control, and the operation is light and simple.
With PCB automatic counting, sound and light alarm function.
Unique new tool design, durability increased by 1.5 times, service life of more than 1 million times.
A variety of tool specifications, can be selected according to product needs.
With memory storage function, it can reach 30 groups of data storage, and one machine can realize a variety of plate type division operations.
It can be docked with the upper and lower board machine to realize unmanned operation, occupying a small area, saving time, space and human resources.
The machine is safe and reliable, and the dust suction is optional.
With fault intelligent diagnosis function, each fault can be displayed, and it is automatically displayed and stored in the alarm list.

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Product Details
PCBA  V-cut machine F886 automatic v-groove pcb cutting machine
The cutting machine can be divided into the following types:

1. Knife-type cutting machine,
2. Stamping type cutting machine machine,
3. Milling cutter cutting machine machine,
4. Laser cutting machine,
5. Guillotine cutting machine machine.

The advantages and disadvantages of the above four cutting machine:

1. Knife type cutting machine  Advantages: low cost Disadvantages: only straight line cuitting. Has raw edges.
2. Stamping type cutting machine Advantages: low initial investment cost and fast speed. Disadvantages: Due to the need for special boards and molds, the later cost is high. stressed
3. Milling cutter type board cutting machine Advantages: It can split boards in any shape, with small stress and no burr on the cutting edge. Disadvantages: The initial cost is relatively large.
4. Laser cutting machine Advantages: It also has the advantages of milling cutter type cutting machine, and can perform differential cutting of PCB boards without stress. Cons: The machine is expensive.
5. Guillotine type cutting machine Advantages: pure pneumatic (the usual air pressure in the factory is enough), small size (desktop type), large output, can cut aluminum substrates of any width and thickness, and has high cost performance.

Use the jig to load and cut the PCBA board to obtain higher precision.

What can a PCB cutting machine can do?

PCB cutter that can easily cut all kinds of printed circuit boards from paper phenol and glass epoxy to ceramics. Ceramic circuit boards and glass epoxy can be cut using a diamond cutter equipped as standard.
Model JK-F886
Name In-line rotary plate splitter
Size L/W/H 1900mm×1800mm×1200mm
Upper round knife size Φ100mm*Φ10mm*3mm
Number of upper round knives Standard 1 pcs
Bottom straight knife size Tool mold (customized)
Tool material Special mold steel
Tool life Standard: 1 million times, CAB: 2 million times (optional).
PCB thickness 0.5-3MM
PCB dust removal Matching
PCB length 5mm-300mm
PCB width 100mm-3 50mm
Sub-board speed 300mm-400mm/s
Cutting accuracy +/-0.1mm
Control system MCU + vision
Programming HMI
Program capacity Groups of 1-50
Power supply 1 phase 220V 50hz
Power Approx. 2KW
Pressurized air 4~6kg/cm2
Device air pressure 0.6KG
Vacuum cleaner power 880W
Weight Approx.400kg

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