FUJI sFAB-D odd-form parts inserter
FUJI sFAB-D odd-form parts inserter
  • FUJI sFAB-D odd-form parts inserter

FUJI sFAB-D odd-form parts inserter

Generally, odd-form parts are inserted by hand because there are issues concerning what packaging to use and limitations on the part size that can be handled using SMT machines. However, there are problems in which manual insertion processes cause variations in quality and work time. Because of this, the demand for automation is increasing.
sFAB-D, the multi-purpose automated fabrication machine, flexibly supports various part sizes, shapes, and supply packages, from leaded parts to large odd-form parts, and automates insertion processes that are performed manually, providing stable quality and production.

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Product Details

FUJI sFAB-D odd-form parts inserter
Unparalleled part support range

Using various types of handling tools, heads, and part supply units, the sFAB-D supports large and heavy parts that cannot be handled on other insertion machines. It is possible to automate a wide range of assembly processes that use manual insertion and to stabilize work time and quality.

Tools for handling various part types

Using nozzles and chucks, the sFAB-D can handle diverse ranges of part types and shapes, from odd-form parts with complex shapes to large parts as well as standard and general-use parts.


Nozzles for picking up and handling parts
Parts are handled by picking up using the top surface of supplied parts. Round and rectangular type nozzles are available. Because the pickup surface is made of a rubber material, the impact on parts when picked up is reduced and dropping of heavy parts is prevented. This enables stable transport of parts.

Pivoting nozzle that can handle parts supplied sideways
This nozzle picks up supplied parts with the leads facing sideways, and inserts parts into panels by rotating parts so that the leads face downward.

General-purpose chuck that supports a wide range of part sizes
The same chuck body can be used by changing the combination of the claws, locator, and attachment positions. Therefore, it is possible to start production with new parts immediately.
Tool kits, which are sets of claws and locators that are frequently used, are also available. These kits enable handling of approximately 80% (*) of general-purpose parts. (*Fuji internal investigation)


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