X-Ray Component Counting Machine DS-3000
X-Ray Component Counting Machine DS-3000
  • X-Ray Component Counting Machine DS-3000

X-Ray Component Counting Machine DS-3000

It is a standout solution for ultra-fast reel components counting while providing integrity with MES, enable intelligent storage and other industrial 4.0 applications.

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X-Ray Component Counting Machine DS-3000

How the X-ray Inpsetion Machine Works?
X-ray inspection technology, also referred to as automated x-ray inspection, is a technology that can find hidden features within a target object. From the medical industry to aerospace manufacturing, x-ray inspection is a widely used method to identify manufacturing errors. It is especially prevalent in PCB inspection, as x-rays are an excellent way to test PCB quality and find hidden defects without risking damage to the board. In this guide, we’ll discuss what x-ray inspection is, how it works and what it’s benefits are, so you understand how to leverage PCB x-ray inspection for your company’s purposes.


Referring ergonomic design, sitting operation, monitor and
eyes height is equal, protect the cervical spine and not easy

to fatigue.
Automatic drawer in and out, easy to take materials,
automatic grating induction, torque control, anti-pinch.
Error-proof function for labeling, automatic recognize each
reel by induction function, take any reel the printer will print
the corresponding label.
Docking with MES / ERP / WMS system, exchange data in
real-time, counting result upload and update automatically.
Small space required and equipped with casters, easy for


Core Software Algorithm

Applications samples:


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