High-End Inspection Conveyor
High-End Inspection Conveyor
  • High-End Inspection Conveyor

High-End Inspection Conveyor

▶Modular design.
▶Solid design improves stability.
▶Inspection mode and automatic mode.
▶Inducing multi-zone position accuracy.
▶Ergonomic design, make your arms easy.
▶Custom machine length according to customer's requirement.
▶Order the number of multi-zone according to customer's requirement.
▶Variable speed control.
▶Precision laser and durable cutting stainless structure.
▶Compatible SMEMA interface.

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Product Details
High-End inspection Conveyor

Technical Parameters
Description:This device is equivalent to SMD machine oroperator testing station of PCB assembly equipment.
Belt type:Antistatic oblate belt.
Conveying speed:0.5-20M/min coustorer specified
Power supply:AC1P110V/220V
Power:Max 100VA
Transport height:900+20mm(Or customized)
Transport direction:From left to right or right to left
The role of SMT docking station
It is used for connection between SMT production lines, and can also be used for PCB buffering, inspection, testing or manual insertion of electronic components. The connection table generally includes: a frame, two conveyor belts rotating parallel to the frame, and the circuit board is placed on the two conveyor belts for transportation. The existing conveyor belts are generally fixed on the frame, so that the two The width of the circuit boards conveyed on the conveyor belt is limited, which is not conducive to conveying circuit boards of different sizes, thus making the applicability of the docking station low.
Model BH-050LL-N BH-100LL-N
Dimension(L*W*H) 500*852*930 1000*852*930
PCB size(MM) 50*50-460*460 50*50-460*460
Weight(KG) 75 90

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