SMT Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine XMW-450
SMT Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine XMW-450
  • SMT Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine XMW-450
  • SMT Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine XMW-450
  • SMT Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine XMW-450

SMT Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine XMW-450

Comprehensive: economical and power-saving type is suitable for various lead-free and lead-free processes
Intelligent: intelligent control software, memory process parameters, automatic heating function
Quiet: the noise of the equipment is less than 60 decibels, and the exhaust gas recovery system meets the international environmental protection standards
Energy saving: automatic positioning spray and spray tin, stepper motor, rodless cylinder drive spray, anti-oxidation spray nozzle design, reduce 25% electricity and auxiliary material consumption
Stabilization: transportation system closed cycle control, precise control of PCB board preheating and welding time
Integrity: the jet wave peak can make the shadow part of the SMD element weld flawless
Less oxidation: the oxidation of tin pool at the peak of the horizontal flow wave is very little, and the laminar wave at the hump makes the solder joint more perfect

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Product Details
SMT Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine XMW-450

What is a wave soldering machine?
Wave soldering machines are used to solder both conventional through-hole and surface mount components on a printer circuit board. Motorized lead and lead-free solder pots offer flexibility and quick change. These machines also can increase through-hole speed with dual-wave soldering capabilities.

Welding process of wave soldering machine: insert the component into the corresponding component hole → precoat flux → preheat (temperature 90-100 'C, length 1-1.2m) → wave soldering (220-240' C) → cooling → remove the excess plug-in feet → inspection.
Single/double wave peak automatic welding machine adopts three-phase asynchronous induction pump development technology, after using comparison, we get the following results:
Because had the characteristic of the vibration wave perturbation overlay, can be effectively out of SMT soft brazing resulting from thermal decomposition of flux and paste agent in the shelter of the gas of brazing area, eliminate skip welding and SMC, SMD shadow area, in meeting the requirements of the SMT soft brazing, at the same time, due to the perturbation wave superposition didn't make the wave soldering have a stronger ability to climb a hole, Improve welding reliability and yield.

Smooth wave peak without rotating component: because the three-phase asynchronous induction electromagnetic pump produces linear thrust rather than the rotating thrust of the blade of the mechanical pump, the wave peak is smooth, the tin tank liquid level disturbance is small, and oxidation is slight.
Stable wave peak: due to the induction pump technology, combined with the voltage stabilization principle, when the grid voltage fluctuates by 10%, the voltage on the induction pump fluctuates by nearly 3%, so the wave peak is stable.

High efficiency: because there is no pulsating magnetic field component of three-phase asynchronous induction electromagnetic pump, the efficiency is greatly improved. The developed prototype shows that the width of the wave peak is 400mm and the height of the wave peak is 40mm. And the three-phase induction pump's magnetization current is only about 5A, such working conditions ensure that the three-phase asynchronous induction pump works in the state of low heat and low current load, to ensure the long-term life reliability. No moving parts, no wear and tear, truly realize the maintenance free, eliminating the regular maintenance link.


Crest welder three-phase asynchronous induction pump is used to implement the maintenance free, save the solder, reducing the oxidation slag volume, convenient to obtain wide wave the requirements and high peak, with the deepening of the application, crest welder with three-phase asynchronous induction electromagnetic pump is the development trend of the future, it will be in the developing process of electronic assemblies, have the effect of promoting, especially in the SMT in the conventional process, Form a good SMT application prospects.
Model XMW-450
Machine parameter  
Dimension(L × W × H) 4500*1600*1730
Power supply requirement 3P5W,380V AC 50/60Hz.63A
Total power 25KW
Electric control parameters  
Startup power 15KW
Work Power Approx :3-8KW
Control system PC+PLC
Preheat system parameter  
Preheat model Hot air
Speed control Stepless frequency(N/A)
Preheat zone NO. 4
Preheat length 1800mm
Preheat temp Room Temperature -250℃
Soldering system ±1.5℃(by RM board test standard)

Driving type
Mechanical pump; Oven: iron titanium/ball milling
cast iron
Heater power Iron:14.5kw Titanium 15kw
Pot capacity Lead free:500kg-550kg
Max stove temp Max 300℃
Max stove used temp Max 280℃
Temp control mode PID+SSR mode
Wave drive power 1/2HPX2 3P 220V AC
Wave height control Frequency converter
Warm-up time About 90min(set:250℃)
Conveying system  
PCB conveying speed 0~1800mm/min
Entry height 750±20min(optional:900±20min)
Conveyor angle 3º-7º
Conveyor motor power 120W 3P 220V AC
PCB width 50-450mm
PCB height 120mm Bottom:25±5mm
Transport accuracy ±2%
N2 system  
N2 consumption 15m³/h<1000PPM
Source pressure 0.5-0.8KPa
Flux auto feeding standard
Flux flow 20-100ml/min
Spray pressure 0.25-0.4MPA
Fan 380V AC 750W
Air tube diameter Ø200min
Cooling(option) 2HP 2P 220V AC
Center support Optional

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