Electirc fixture cleaning machine SMS-5200
Electirc fixture cleaning machine SMS-5200
  • Electirc fixture cleaning machine SMS-5200

Electirc fixture cleaning machine SMS-5200

SMS-5200 electric fixture cleaning machine is mainly used for flux cleaning on the surface of wave soldering fixtures, and can also be used to clean reflow soldering trays, filters, wave soldering jaws, chains, mesh belts, etc.

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Product Details
Electirc fixture cleaning machine SMS-5200
1. SUS304 all stainless steel structure, the whole machine is welded, sturdy and durable, resistant to acid and alkali cleaning liquid corrosion.
2. The circular cleaning basket with a diameter of 1000mm can be put into multiple jigs at one time for batch cleaning.
3. The upper, lower, and front sides are sprayed and cleaned at the same time, and the carrier rotates in the cleaning basket, covering the whole area without blind spots and dead angles.
4. Cleaning + rinsing double-station cleaning, cleaning, and rinsing independent pipelines; ensure that the fixtures are clean, dry, and odor-free after cleaning.
5. The double-layer heat insulation design of the cleaning upper cover prevents burns and protects the safety of operators.
6. Precision filtration system, cleaning liquid and rinsing water are recycled to improve the efficiency and life of the liquid.
7. Automatically control cleaning liquid, rinse water adding and discharging functions.
8. All pipes in contact with liquid, angle seat valves, motors, filter barrels, etc. are made of SUS304, and PVC or PPH pipes are never used. Long-term use, there will be no water leakage, liquid leakage and pipeline damage.
9. PLC control, one-button operation and automatic filling and discharging function, the operation is very simple.
10. One-button easy operation, solution cleaning, tap water rinsing, and hot air drying can be completed at one time.
item SMS-5200 
Wash Basket Size $1000mm xH200mm
Sprinkler System Top, bottom, front, 720° all-round coverage
Wash/rinse tank capacity 80L/80L2mm/100um/20um
Cleaning/rinsing filter 5~15min
cleaning time 1~3min
rinse time 10~20min
drying time 2.2KW/1.1KW
Washing/rinsing pump power 9KW/9KW, room temperature~80°C
Washing fluid/rinse water heating 9KW, room temperature~90°C
dry hot air heating 0.5~0.7Mpa,200-400L/min
source requirements 380VAC, 3Phases, 50/60HZ,
power requirements 34KW
Machine size 1400mm(L)x2000mm(W)x1450mm(H)
Machine net weight 600KG

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