Desktop automatic centrifugal mixer-Automatic Solder paste mixer HMM1000D
Desktop automatic centrifugal mixer-Automatic Solder paste mixer HMM1000D
  • Desktop automatic centrifugal mixer-Automatic Solder paste mixer HMM1000D
  • Desktop automatic centrifugal mixer-Automatic Solder paste mixer HMM1000D
  • Desktop automatic centrifugal mixer-Automatic Solder paste mixer HMM1000D

Desktop automatic centrifugal mixer-Automatic Solder paste mixer HMM1000D

Use self-developed control software
More precise control of temperature and speed
Temperature and speed curve display
No counterweight, faster to use
Super silent
Use original accessories

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Product Details
Automatic Solder paste mixer- HMM1000D

What can a solder paste mixer do?

The solder paste mixer can effectively mix the tin powder and solder paste evenly. Achieve more perfect printing and reflow soldering results, save manpower and standardize this operation, of course, not needing to open the jar also reduces the chance of absorbing moisture.

HMM1000D desktop automatic centrifugal mixer has a series of safety protection mechanisms:
Machine placement requirements
1. The machine should be placed on a water platform with sufficient
rigidity, away from vibration and impact equipment, and avoid direct
sunlight and heat sources.
2.There should be a space of 10cm~15cm on all sides of the machine for
ventilation and heat dissipation of the machine.
3. After placement, the level should be adjusted, and the four supporting
feet at the bottom of the equipment should be evenly supported on the table.
4. The applicable scope of the machine's working power supply is AC230V
50HZ/60HZ 10A.
The machine must be grounded strictly and reliably,
and the grounding wire of the power supply of the
machine must be reliably connected to the grounding
wire of the power grid! It is strictly forbidden to
cut off the power of the rotating frame during
operation, otherwise it may cause damage to the
control circuit!
● The frame and the protective steel ring are made of steel plate, and the
internal cavity is made of stainless steel liner;
● The door cover adopts explosion-proof structure, and the front part of
the door cover has a locking mechanism. Only when the centrifugal mixer is
powered on and the turret structure is stopped, you can press the door open
button on the control panel to open the door of the centrifugal mixer. Only
when the door of the centrifugal mixer is locked, can the centrifugal mixer
● Speeding
When the running speed of the rotating rack of the centrifugal mixer exceeds
the set speed of 400r/min, the machine will sound an alarm. When the running
speed exceeds the maximum rated speed of the rotating rack 450r/min, the
rotating rack will automatically stop running until the rotating rack is
complete. Stop before opening the door, and restart the operation after

● Unbalance
If the rotating frame is unbalanced during operation, causing the shaft to
shake beyond the specified range, the machine will stop in time and give an
alarm; generally, the load of the rotating frame is unbalanced. After the
operation is terminated, the door cover is opened, and the operation can be
started again after troubleshooting.
● Open the door in an emergency
During the operation of the turret mechanism, if there is a sudden power
failure or the machine fails, and the button cannot be used to open the
door, the door can be opened manually 
HMM1000D Parameter
Function /
Technica l indicato rs 
Use the environment  ● Indoor use
● Vibrations and airflows that have no effect on performance are present, and non-conductive dust explosive and corrosive gases are present in the surrounding air
● Altitude: ≤2000m
● Relative humidity:80% ≤
Use ambient temperature  ● +5℃~40℃
The supply voltage applies  ● AC230V   50HZ/60HZ   10A
Set the time range  ● 0~99Min
Maximum speed  ● 1000rpm
Maximum relative centrifugal  force  ● 135×g
Maximum capacity  ● 150ml            - Custom Cup (please consult Morel ).
The rate of rise  ● The speed from zero to maximum speed does not exceed 20 seconds
The rate of decline  ● The time to decelerate from maximum speed to zero does not exceed 30  seconds
Noise (maximum speed).  ● ≤60dB(A)
Form factor (machine).  ● 582 mm(L)*500  mm(W)*417  mm(H)
Net weight  ● 68.00 ㎏
Reference standards  ● GB4793.1-2007"Measurement and control of electrical equipment in the laboratory safety requirements Part I: General Safety Requirements";
● GB4793.7-2001"Safety requirements for measuring and controlling electrical equipment in laboratories Special requirements for centrifuges for laboratories";
● GB191-2000"Packaging Storage and Transportation Illustration Mark";
● GB6587.6-86"Electronic Measurement Instrument
Transport Test";
● Enterprise standard: "low-speed centrifugal mixer."

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