Fully automatic nozzle cleaning machine-XMN-30
Fully automatic nozzle cleaning machine-XMN-30
  • Fully automatic nozzle cleaning machine-XMN-30

Fully automatic nozzle cleaning machine-XMN-30

During the SMT process, the nozzle is easy to stick to solder paste or dirt, etc. If it is not maintained for a long time or the cleaning is not thorough during maintenance, the solder paste and dirt will harden, resulting in failure to use normally. It increases the difficulty of cleaning, and even causes blockage and waste after a long time. These problems can be easily solved by using a nozzle cleaning machine.

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Product Details
Fully automatic nozzle cleaning machine-XMN-30
In today's semiconductor industry, with the development of SMT, the miniaturization of components, high-density mounting and miniaturization of the base have become a reality, and the future development trend will be further miniaturization of components. Due to chip placement, the suction nozzle is contaminated with solder flux, etc., causing frequent failures, which has a great impact on production, and has become an urgent problem to be solved.
The automatic nozzle cleaning device adopts a new high-pressure jet pulse cleaning method, which can remove the dirt on the inner wall of the nozzle in a short time that could not be removed before, using non-toxic and harmless industrial pure water (soft water: PH value 5-7), It will not damage the suction nozzle when cleaning, and is beneficial to environmental protection.
  Model XMN-30
Size     L× W×H 580 ×460 ×480
Weight   50KG
Cleaning Solution Type Purified Water
Consumption ≤400CC/H
Use fluids
Air source Compress Air
Pressure range
0.5 -0.6Mpa(While Cleaning)
Injection pressure
Air consumption
Less 200NL/Min
Power voltage
Rated power consumption
Max 200W
Nozzle Plate Spray Nozzle 3 PCS
Cleaning Capacity 30 PCS
Nozzle Size   01005-2125

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