Optical alignment automatic repair equipment ZMW-850
Optical alignment automatic repair equipment ZMW-850
  • Optical alignment automatic repair equipment ZMW-850

Optical alignment automatic repair equipment ZMW-850

Excellent performance feature
1.Multi-language menu interface.
2.Automatic feeding device.
3.X/Y axis can be controlled by rocker,fast operation.
4.Inproted high-definition CCD(2 millon pixeis) optical alignment system.
5.High prcision temperature control.

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Product Details
Optical alignment automatic repair equipment ZMW-850

HD optical alignment and intelligent control
The integrated design of hot air head and mounting head has thefunctions of automatic mounting, automatic welding andautomatic disassembly. High precision K-type thermocouple(KSENSOR) Closed Loop control,up and down independenttemperature measurement , temperature control accuracy up to+1 degree; Over-temperature protection alarm function.software encryption and anti - stay function.

The X/Y axis shifted automatically
The upper temperature zone is controlled by the joystick servosystem, X and Y are automatically controlled by the motormovement mode, so that the alignment is fast and convenientand the speed can be controlled.

HD display
High-definition imported CCD (2 miion pixels) digital imaging, automatic optical zoom system.automatic precision alignment control system with laser red dot, using 15 inch high-definitionindustrial display screen display.

Vacuum adsorption and preheating platform
The upper heating head is equipped with a vacuum suction pipe for chip adsorption. The bottompreheating platform adopts imported excellent heating materials (infrared gold-plated light tube)+anti-flash thermostatic glass (temperature resistance up to 1800C). The preheating area is up to500*420mm. The preheating platform, splint device and cooling system can be moved as a wholein the  direction.Make PCB positioning and folding welding more safe and convenient.
Total power 7600W
Upper heating power 1200W
Lower heating power 1200W
Infrared heating power 5000W
power supply Two-phase 220V, 50/60Hz
Targeting method V-shaped card slot fixed PCB, laser positioning light fast positioning, through the joystick control motor can move the X and Y axes at will;
Number of drive motors and control area 6 (the X, Y axis of the heating head of the split-edge control equipment moves, the X and Y axes of the alignment lens move, the heating head Z1 of the second temperature zone is electrically lifted, and the Z axis of the upper heating head moves up and down;
Whether the preheating area of the third temperature zone is movable Yes (electric movement)
Whether the upper and lower heating heads can be moved as a whole Yes (electric movement)
Whether the alignment lens is automatic Yes (automatic movement or manual control movement)
Whether the device has a suction feeding device Yes (standard)
The third temperature zone heating (preheating) method Using German imported bright infrared heating tube (advantages: fast heating, when the equipment is heated normally, the temperature around the PCB motherboard and the temperature of the reworked chip position will not form a large temperature difference, so as to ensure that the PCB motherboard will not be deformed or twisted, which can better improve the soldering yield of the chip)
The second temperature zone control mode Electric automatic lifting
Temperature control High-precision K-type thermocouple (Ksensor) closed-loop control (Closed Loop), up and down independent temperature measurement Temperature control accuracy up to ±1 degrees;
Electrical material selection Taiwan touch screen + high-precision temperature control module + Panasonic PLC + Panasonic servo + stepper drive
Maximum PCB size 630*480mm(actual effective area, no repair dead angle)
Minimum PCB size 10*10mm
Number of temperature measurement interfaces 5 pcs
The chip zooms in and out 2-50 times
PCB thickness 0.5~8mm
Applicable chips 0.8*0.8~80*80mm
Applicable minimum chip pitch 0.15mm
Maximum placement load 800g
Placement accuracy ±0.01mm
Machine size L970*W700*H830mm
Machine weight APPROX. 170KG

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