FUJI SMT machine AIMEX IIIC-Flexible High-Mix Production
FUJI SMT machine AIMEX IIIC-Flexible High-Mix Production
  • FUJI SMT machine AIMEX IIIC-Flexible High-Mix Production
  • FUJI SMT machine AIMEX IIIC-Flexible High-Mix Production

FUJI SMT machine AIMEX IIIC-Flexible High-Mix Production

Freeing up more floor space with its compact design and reduced length
This is an all-in-on machine with scalability and the ultimate level of versatility necessary for increasing productivity for high-mix production.
It features functions for performing operation smoothly in a short time for the work that comes with introducing new production and changing the product models to produce.
The machine flexibly supports various production for users in a variety of sectors including EMS, automotive industry, and more.

Versatility+High quality+Simple

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Product Details
FUJI SMT machine AIMEX IIIC-Flexible High-Mix Production

AIMEX III Flexible Placement Platforms

The AIMEX III is designed for component flexibility, PCB flexibility and production flexibility.

Compact design with a reduced length
Makes your high-mix production compact with a simple single conveyor configuration.
Machine size: 1,280 (L) x 2,346 (W) x 1,465 (H) mm


Supporting 0402 (01005") to 102 x 102 mm parts placement and glue application by one head
A DX head exchanges dedicated tools in one action depending on the part size, from small chips to large odd-form parts. A glue tool enables the machine to perform glue application in addition to part placement.
Bringing specific processes inline
By loading DX heads and dedicated units into the machine, special processes such as glue application and flux transfer can be performed inline. This contributes to the reduction of incomplete products and removes the need for investing in dedicated equipment.

Support for placement of various parts
The machine caters to the placement of various types of parts, supporting from standard to large and odd-form parts, and by handling parts with clamp pressure control or by using various methods such as placing large connectors with pressure insertion.
Placing a large volume of very small parts in a short time
This machine can be loaded with H24S heads for placing 03015 mm parts with an accuracy of ±0.025 mm. With the two head configuration, the machine can reach up to 80,000 cph using productivity priority mode.
Machine AIMEX IIIc
Feeder slot quantity 130
Panel size (L x W) 48 x 48 to 508 x 400 mm
Heads H24S, DX, V12, H08M(Q), H02F, H01, OF
Throughput 1 robot 2 robots
  H24S Standard mode 35,000 cph (H24S x 1) 70,000 cph (H24S x 2)
Productivity priority mode 40,000 cph (H24S x 1) 80,000 cph (H24S x 2)
DX 27,000 cph (12 nozzles)
12,000 cph (4 nozzles)
5,800 cph (1 nozzle)
54,000 cph (12 nozzles)
24,000 cph (4 nozzles)
11,600 cph (1 nozzle)
V12 26,000 cph (V12 x 1) 52,000 cph (V12 x 2)
H08M Standard mode 13,000 cph (H08M x 1) 26,000 cph (H08M x 2)
Productivity priority
14,000 cph (H08M x 1) 28,000 cph (H08M x 2)
Placing accuracy H24S ±0.025 mm    Cpk  ≥ 1.00
V12 ±0.038 mm    Cpk  ≥ 1.00
H08M ±0.040 mm    Cpk  ≥ 1.00
H02F ±0.025 mm    Cpk  ≥ 1.00
Part supply units Tape feeders, stick feeders, tray units, others
Power source 3-phase 200 to 230 V ± 10 % (50/60 Hz)
Air 0.5 MPa (ANR)

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