Hanwha SM471 SMT Plus Pick And Place Machine

Feature ▶Speed : 78,000CPH ▶Structure : 2 Gantry x 10 Spindles/Head ▶Parts : 0402(01005″)~ㅁ14mm(h12mm) ▶Accuracy : ±40㎛@±3σ/Chip – ±50㎛@±3σ/QFP ▶PCB Size : L510xW4

Hanwha SM481 Plus SMT Pick And Place Machine

Feature The SM481PLUS can perform high-speed placement of chips at 40,000CPH and QFPs at one per 1.1 seconds, respectively (each at optimum speed) by applying the on-the-fly recognition technology patented by Hanwha, wh

Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven XMR-800D

Feature ▶fully meet all kinds of lead-free welding process requirements. ▶WindowsXP operating system, English and Chinese interface, easy to learn operation; Standard air furnace, patented hot air system, using hot air

V-Groove PCB Depaneling Machine CY-203

Feature ▶The microcontroller control the blade, operation is simple and convenient. ▶Infrared light curtain induction and protection tool double protection, safe production. ▶The blades use high quality materials. ▶T

Automatic SMT Splicing Machine BMM08EC

Automatic SMT Splicing Machine BMM08EC ▶Reduce Splicing time by up to 60%. ▶Reduce pickup errors by up to 70%. ▶Simple operation: 5 minutes to learn to operate, everyone can operate, reducing dependence on personnel

Automatic PCB Magazine Loader LD-M-BN

Feature ▶Firm structure ▶User friendly'soft touch' LED membrance control panel/ touch screen ▶Dual clamps to secure magazine rack. ▶Empty PCB detection. ▶Automatical fault diagnosing. ▶Wear-resistant cable

Fully Automatic 2 Axis PCB Cutting Machine HML-850

Feature ▶The machine can also meet the needs of horizontal and vertical cutting PCB. In another words, It can cut PCB in X axis and Y axis step by step, output the final PCB board. ▶The machine is equipped with a doub

Automatic SMT Stencil Cleaning Machine BMP-1000X

Feature ▶The cleaning tank, the original tank, and the spray tank are designed with a liquid level sensor overflow alarm. ▶The opening of the front door is designed with photoelectric sensor protection. When the equipm

X-Ray Component Counting Machine DS-3000

Feature It is a standout solution for ultra-fast reel components counting while providing integrity with MES, enable intelligent storage and other industrial 4.0 applications.