SMT PCB Vacuum Loader VL-330W-TN

Feature ▶ Easy-to-operate touch screen control interface. ▶ The fully enclosed design of the suction plate mechanism ensures the operational safety level. ▶ The position of the suction nozzle can be adjusted to ensure

Automatic SMT PCB Magazine Unloader UL-M-BN

Feature ▶Strong,firm and stable design. ▶User friendly'soft touch' LED membrance control panel or touch screen can be selected. ▶Top&bottom pneumatic clamps to secure magazine rack . ▶No PCB breakage guar

PCB Laser Marking Machine S-Series

Feature ▶Direct Mounting Machine Double Track (686mm track width) ▶Independent engraving mode: two tracks of AB can be engraving with different machines at the same time ▶Independent transmission board, transmission t

Automatic V-Groove PCB Cutting Machine HMF505

Features 1. The microcontroller control the blade, operation is simple and convenient. 2. Infrared light curtain induction and protection tool double protection, safe production. 3. The blades use high quality materia

Fully Automatic Stencil Cleaning System BMP-750

Features ▶All stainless steel body, beautiful, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, in line with environmental protection requirements and standards. ▶The fully pneumatic operation, no electricity, there is no fire a

Automatick Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner BMP-1200

Features: ▶All stainless steel body: beautiful, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, acid, alkaline and other cleaning fluid. Meet environmental protection requirements and standards. ▶Full pneumatic operation, no

SMT PCB Conveyor

Feature ▶Modular design ▶Firm structure design, improve the stability of the equipment. ▶smooth parallel ball screw adjustment method, suitable for different PCB board Size ▶Adjustable speed control function ▶With P

Fully Automatic SMT Stencil Cleaning System BMP-700S

Feature ▶The cleaning tank, the original tank, and the spray tank are designed with liquid level sensor overflow alarm. ▶The opening of the front door is designed with photoelectric sensor protection. When the equipmen

PCB Surface Cleaning Machine SMM-450

Feature Improve quality ▶ Abnormal quality due to dust ▶The product is unqualified due to residual static electricity Improve efficiency ▶Improve printing quality ▶Improve SPI pass-through rate ▶Improve AOI pass-t