Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine OIM-3S

OIM-3S (high-speed, fully automatic special-shaped plug-in machine plug-in machine) is equipped with 6 plug-in heads as standard, and the front and rear ends are supplied with materials, which can easily correspond to th

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine OIM-2FS

 OIM-2FS is anequipment of modularized design incorporated with odd compents,by integrating SMT into AI,it is able to achieve auto-inserting of all oddcomponents at high speed,adaptable to different connectors,inser

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine EIM-2

EIM-2 (high-speed, economical plug-in machine) is equipped with 2 plug-in heads as standard, only front-end feeding, adopts intermediate drive mode, improves plug-in efficiency, and corresponds to the plug-in of multiple

Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine EIM-1

EIM-1 is for small batch,multi species development of a model, when the replacement of products, many materials are not sure, we can import for common parts easily, simple operation,low input, high returns.

Translational conveyor

Features ▶User friendly 'soft-touch' LEDcontrol membranes control panel. ▶Enclosed design with built-in torque limiter ensures highest level of safety. ▶Top cover can be opened for easy access to hardware duri

Online SMT THT DIP AOI Machine AIS50X

Principle Photograph the same board on the move with the upper and lower high precision cameras. Process image with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithm. Intelligently judge defects of components and soldering.